3 Reasons Why Online Events Are More Successful with a Live Group Chat

Similar to conventional face-to-face conferences, online events can also be highly engaging when you plow in the right tools. After a couple of years of trying to navigate our way into the online world, businesses have found this renewed focus on digital alternatives. They are now more open to innovation and acknowledge that online activities and events can be as good, or even better than the ones we got used to.

We believe that building a good sense of engagement in the community is one of the key elements to a successful event. In fact, according to a study by Markletic, 81.8% of virtual event organizers use event polls to improve interaction amongst the participants. While 68% of B2B companies hire moderators for their online round table discussions. And, 61% of marketers use videos as an interactive element to keep people engaged. We can see how pivotal it is to maintain a thriving, interactive community because it can contribute to an improved customer relationship, brand value, and later on, conversions.

With the help of the Rumbletalk group chat plugin, online events are transforming the way they interact with partners and clients. Here are the reasons why virtual events are more successful with a live chat on them.

It’s scalable and flexible with multiple virtual booths.

Unlike physical venues, your online event has more opportunities to grow in terms of the number of people allowed to participate. Virtual events make it easier to scale. So, you can host more participants to expand your reach with just a click.

Once you sign up with Rumbletalk, you can instantly create your own chat room. If you want to host a bigger group, RumbleTalk also offers a flexible package that you can tailor to fit your business goals. You are allowed to customize your plan based on the number of participants, the number of rooms, and the number of administrators.

Instead of a physical booth, you can easily send your customers to a virtual booth. This is a space where you can accommodate them in a safer way. You can create as many chat rooms as you would need. That will serve as your virtual booth or your private break-out rooms wherein exhibitors can accommodate inquiries, send photos of a product, send videos for demonstrations, collect payments, and more. 

It’s convenient, anyone can join with just one click

Virtual events remove geographical barriers, there’s no traveling involved and anyone is free to join at the comfort of their homes. All of these without limiting the opportunity to connect with suppliers, colleagues, and prospects anywhere in the world.

With RumbleTalk, you can simplify the steps and make it easier for everyone to enter your group chat through a QR code. All they need to do is scan the QR code with their smartphone, then they will be redirected to your online event. No need to install anything. This will significantly increase your attendee count, leading to more foot traffic and more opportunities to do business.

RumbleTalk group chat for online events

What we love about virtual events is that they are customizable and can be personalized based on your business needs. So, it’s best to invest in the right online communication and engagement tool that aligns with your goals. 

May it be for a virtual job fair, a healthcare consultation, a trade show, a business conference, or a community event, RumbleTalk has thoughtfully designed an event chat plugin to make your next digital event more fun and interactive. Create your free chat or customize your own plan today!


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.