3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Vlog

Vlogging is a big part of the influencer world. However, many businesses should be taking the opportunity to showcase their products and services via this format too. In his helpful piece, we look at three reasons on why your business should create and embrace vlogging.

It Creates Trust

Having a digital presence is all about image, and your image can only be expanded by more quality information. This can be done through press releases, customer reviews, blog posts, and other social media presence campaigns. Vlogs can also help with trust-building. By acquiring a vlogging camera and shooting content, you can be open with your audience, letting them into more detail about your business and your personal self — creating trust.

Helps Promote Your Services

Essentially a Vlog can also help promote your service. If you’re shooting an ‘in a day of a hairdresser’ video or a guide on how to change a tyre for your car, your vlog can help promote your skillset and quality in one format. Moreover, vlogs can be edited in various ways that help boost your brand image through a catchy call to action that can take away from the corporate look of your business and give your audience a sense of the personality and character your company brings.

Vlogs can have great power on the locality of your business; if you’re looking to promote locally, then why not do videos that showcase the place you are in.  

Gives & Shows Your Confidence

Yep, vlogging shows confidence. Talking in front of a camera is hard — for most people. It’s a skill that tends to come for the extroverted types more naturally, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to shoot a vlog if you’re an introvert. If you can have the guts to do it, it will show everyone that you truly believe in your business’s service and will help create a more meaningful relationship. As mentioned above, it’s also a sign of trust.


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Time Business News Editor Team