3 Reasons Why Android is Superior to the iPhone

There are lots of reasons I personally think that Android is better than the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no way saying Android is a best platform.


I do strongly believe even though that these kinds of are three very valid reasons which make Android a much better platform compared to iOS as well as the iPhone.


1.Open Source

This is usually a very hotly argued aspect of Android, with a lot of people relating this as something negative about Android. Many have confirmed that in fact Android being open source leads to a lack of control by Google, therefore results in fragmentation. Through that in mind, however, I believe the good qualities of the open source model greatly outweigh the disadvantages, and here’s what the reasons are.


Developers and producers are free to apply and change Android in any aspect which they wish, which generally opens up the internal system to a huge number of new concepts and improvements. Approved all of these changes aren’t always for the better, however the ability for a developer or creator to design some thing exclusive and customized utilizing Android is there – thanks to the actual fact its open sourced.


2. Application installation

Using the Android platform, you can set up apps coming from the Android Market, from a PC by merely copying the file into the mobile, or possibly transferring via Wireless Bluetooth. As a matter of fact, you are able to install home-grown programs just as easy as “official” applications created by Android developers.


For designers, it is a real benefit, since you don’t need to depend upon primarily on an emulator to ensure your application functions properly. A few people debate that this unique opens up Android for possible spy ware, however if done cautiously, it won’t be a major issue.


3. Adobe Flash


Many companies (including Adobe, ironically) are starting to push for HTML5 to start to be the new standard. However, up to the time when that day comes, Flash nonetheless powers a lot of the Web’s multimedia. At the same time, Android relishes full Flash help with Android 2.2, but the one way to even look at Flash video on an iPhone would be to utilize the recently released iOS version of Skyfire.


To tell the truth, I’ve had hardly any problems using Flash on Froyo. I haven’t realized any major decreases within my phone’s overall performance, and doing something as trivial as watching a YouTube movie in which it’s embedded on a page is really a good feature. Flash could be a dying star, but whereas it’s still here; Android has it, as well as the iPhone doesn’t.


Hopefully, as Android is continuing to proceed and producers maintain production of better and better gadgets, we will always add to this list. For the time being, however, these are also the points of Android which I feel allow it to be better than the iPhone, and that I inspire you to leave a comment below and make your voice be heard.


Have we missed anything? Is there any feature that has that best? Please share your views in the comments.


Author Bio: Hi, I am Mike Langer a tech blogger. I love to write trendy topics on tech innovations and gadgets. Recently, I started working as a content writer at actwitty.com & onlinershub.com.