3 Reasons Why Acer Laptops Are Great

You’re in need of a brand-new laptop, but your funds aren’t enough. Although names such as Dell, Lenovo, HP as well as Asus stand out as large known, well-known names. Acer also has lightweight laptops that have enough power to handle serious gaming and multitasking. The company was rebranded in 1987. Acer is a Taiwanese firm that is known for its low-cost laptops. If you’re on a low budget and are looking for a laptop that is a true entry-level model to perform basic tasks, Acer strikes a precise balance between performance and affordability.

These are the top eight reasons we believe Acer laptops are great devices that provide outstanding value for the cost. Note If you are a fan of Acer laptops like me then you need to visit this Best Acer Gaming Laptop for the best gaming model of Acer.

1. Acer Laptops Are Good About the Crazy Innovations

Acer is continuing to push the boundaries with a focus on innovation across multiple areas:

In the realm of ultra-portable laptops, Acer offers what’s being touted as the thinnest laptop by its Acer Swift 7 — it weighs only 2 pounds and is 0.39-inches thick! In the background of the 14,0-inches FHD display is an impressively minimal bezel, which allows for an industry-leading 92 percentage screen-to-body.

Gaming-related features include the multi-mode style of the Triton – this massive 17-inch model sports a wild rotating screen that can move both forward and backward to allow the versatility of a standalone screen, because of its Ezel Aero hinge. 

Other innovative features for the gaming laptops are the HyperDrift keyboard that will be featured on the future Acer Predator Helios: like the keyboard slides forward in order to improve performance and cooling.

If you’re an Acer lover, then you’ve probably observed a glaring absence of workstations and business notebooks. Acer is changing the situation by returning their TravelMate and with the Concept Series.

2. Great Variety of Laptops in Low budget

Acer offers a wide variety of laptops, starting from super light Chromebooks to sturdy Windows convertibles, and even diving into the world of gaming with its Predator brand. Although they have similar specifications to HP, however, they are less expensive.

This could result in the value. But Since their Gateway buy-out at the beginning of the 2000s, some users claim that their quality has diminished as they report seeing loose components, which can lead to low build quality and issues with over-heating that have existed since the 1990s. Even current laptops still get mixed reviews: Like the Pinto caused Ford’s image to be damaged for a time, certain Acer models are in dire need of a refresh such as the heavy, transparent Spin 3, the Chromebook Spin 11 as well as Aspire E 15.

For every Pinto, there’s the Mustang: the king for Acer. Acer’s name is Swift 7 and Swift 5 They expand the boundaries of portability by using slim, aluminum-looking slim dimensions. Similar to HP earlier, Acer laptops were equally terrible. However, they’ve now fixed the overheating issue and have improved quality with a number of their latest models.

3. Acer’s Swift, Spin, and Aspire Brands

What is it that makes Acer laptops so good is that the company isn’t a novice to the laptop market? should you require a brand-new laptop you can find inexpensive, well-designed options that have high performance and power for casual use.

However, do all the options make you scratch your head over what you want? Don’t despair. In the next article we take a deeper study of our Aspire, Swift, and Spin series:

Aspire Laptops Give You the Most Bang for your Buck. In the 1900s, the Aspire range is the most iconic Acer laptop. They’re lightweight machines that are designed for daily working and for demanding professional work. Power options range from basic to the most powerful. Aspire E 15 is the Aspire E 15 that outdoes all Aspire laptops to be the best value for money you can get. The design options include standard clamshells and the flexible convertible 2 in 1.

If you travel or commute in a large way, the size of your laptop is an issue The Swift notebook series was introduced during IFA in 2016 The Swift notebook is a range of ultra-thin laptops. They sport a sleek and elegant design that is slim due to the combination of magnesium-aluminum alloys and magnesium-lithium which create a sturdy but light-weight chassis. In addition to its fame as the world’s thinnest laptop and it’s also the most expensive model. Swift 7 is the brand’s highest-end model.

Spin Models Are Flexible

The display can be rotated 360 degrees into the tent, laptop-tablet, or laptop modes to determine the best suitable one for your needs. The range of models spans many types of operating systems and categories. Acer revamped the Spin 2 in 1 series in the latter half of 2018. The series isn’t known for its visually captivating. But a solid construction and decent specs are worth the cost of one, such as the Spin. 


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