3 Reasons to Consider Cremation

While many of us have experienced attending a funeral service followed by a burial ceremony at a nearby cemetery, cremation has become an increasingly popular alternative for many. Whether it be to help reduce the cost commonly associated with funerals and paying for cemetery plots, for environmental reasons, or to provide loves with peace of mind, there are varying reasons that explain why cremation has become the most popular method of post death disposition.

1. Cremation Cost and Simplicity

When a loved one passes, you or members of your family may find yourself searching for affordable funeral options. For example, you may find yourself googling cremation Detroit after a loved one passes. Cremation services can oftentimes be one-third of the cost of what you expect to pay for a traditional burial. Depending on the type of cremation option you choose, you can also avoid the additional cost associated with buying a casketing, embalming the deceased body, paying for a burial plot in a cemetery, and that’s not even considering the additional expenses that come with a funeral home.

Opting for a cremation simplifies the choices you have to make regarding arranging a funeral and viewing, which is extra helpful when you consider the stress and duress one is under during these tough circumstances. If you opt for a direct cremation, you remove several potential choices entirely, such as choosing the final outfit the deceased will wear for the viewing, as well as other things and accessories that you will choose to remember your loved one by. When you consider the costs associated with each step of the funeral processes, it can be difficult to appropriately weigh the financial ramifications of each decision during an already difficult time. One of the biggest benefits of the cremation process is that it allows loved ones to evaluate all the financial implications, such as retirement accounts and life insurance payouts, and to do so on their own time.

Another benefit of cremation is that it eases the stress associated with all the logistics of carrying out a memorial service. Many things, such as restrictions brought on by the pandemic, or coordinating with family members and friends who live thousands of miles apart, can add stress and complicate things even more. Cremation offers greater portability and flexibility when it comes to arranging funeral services.

2. Environmental Impact of Cremation

In a time when climate change and the ecological impacts of our decisions have come under greater scrutiny, crematories are being considered for their environmental impact of their services. While cremation is by no means good for the environment, it is considered to be the more environmental option compared to a more traditional burial.

As cremation is becoming increasingly popular, so too are the option for even more eco-friendly cremation services. Many crematories are switching out the chemicals they use to others that require less energy and thus a greener process than the standard one. As we become more aware of the environmental impact of our actions, many crematoriums are continuing to look for even more cost- effective ways to fulfill the cremation process.

If the environmental impact of this process is of great importance to you, feel free to ask several local crematoriums about their carbon emissions to find one that best aligns with your beliefs.

3. Staying Connected to Family

As if dealing with the pain of mourning a loved one is not enough, there is also a ton of paperwork to deal with as well, ranging from tax strategies to wills. Unfortunately, this can sometimes create rifts between grieving family members, as they fight over the estate plan and don’t get the chance to properly mourn their deceased loved one.

One must also consider the logistics of arranging a burial. Having the coordinate with family and friends in other states, or even other countries, as they book flights and hotel rooms to come to the service can be quite a headache. Additionally, some funeral homes may hope for more religious services which can be uncomfortable for some mourners. This is one of the reasons that opting for a simple cremation can be considered a more agreeable option for families.

It is a common tradition for friends and family to visit the graves of the deceased to find peace and revisit with their loved ones who have passed on. With cremation, the cremated remains can be kept in a cremation urn or a keepsake, and can be divided up among family members. You can opt to keep them with you in your house on a mantle or somewhere special. This allows you to always feel as if they are with you, without having to go visit a cemetery.