3 Questions with Mehrdad Amini, Founder and CEO of Amini Construction

Mehrdad Amini is the founder and CEO of one of the leading construction companies in the Vancouver region. He is a notable general contractor specializing in Modern and West Coast contemporary projects and designs. Mehrdad is a sound entrepreneur and an expert in the construction industry, tackling the most complex residential projects in Vancouver with his company Amini Construction.

 In a short period, Mehrdad has scaled his business towards success. Starting operations in 2020 when the global pandemic was at its peak, Amini Construction has established its strong position in the industry by adding value by managing the planning, design, and construction process for commercial and residential clients. We got in touch with Mehrdad Amini to learn more about his company and ambitions for the upcoming future.

 What is the story of Amini Construction, and how did you enter the construction industry?

 Mehrdad Amini: I have always had a passion for architecture and working directly with clients. Initially got a job offer at a commercial real estate brokerage, but I did not want a corporate 9-5 job. I loved the idea of investments and properties. I went home that night and pitched the idea of moving my parents to a home in an area with a higher growth trajectory in terms of property value. Funny enough, they agreed, and I told them I would manage the renovation that brought the highest value to the home and have it sell fast.

 In a very stagnant housing market, the house sold within two days over the asking price. Someone tossed the idea that I should do this as a career path. I then asked my realtor to provide me with the contact list of all realtors that had brought clients to our home. I cold-called over 50 realtors – being rejected by almost everyone. One of them had their clients outbid on my parent’s home and was willing to sit down for an early morning coffee with me. I told him about my business plan. He then told me that his clients who could not get my parents’ home bought a home not too far from my parent’s place, but it was stuck in the 1980s and needed a complete renovation. He then asked me if I wanted to meet those clients. With an eager yes, he set up a meeting for me to meet them. I impressed them with my project proposal, and they wanted me to emulate what I did with my parent’s home that they had just purchased. I bid on that project and signed my first client contract. I then started my business on social media. That propelled my business and showcased my work. Through that and a lot of word of mouth and networking, I began getting more clients. And the rest is history!

 Today Amini Construction Inc. is a full-service construction and general contracting business. We do all types of projects, both residential and commercial. From a small bathroom renovation to building you a new home, we are here for all of our client’s building needs.

 In your opinion, which attributes or characteristics are integral to the role?

 Mehrdad Amini: You need vision, determination and commitment. You’re the captain of the team, and you have to be seen playing the game and leading by example. Engineering backgrounds are very common amongst construction industry leaders, as they tend to be very logical people. Both of my parents were engineers. This is one of the most critical reasons behind my passion for this industry. On top of that, you also need intuition and perception to deal with people. I learned the importance of intuition during my bachelor’s. You need the ability to see possibilities that are beyond logic.

 Additionally, it’s important to understand the difference between management and leadership. Management is moving resources around versus leadership, which is getting people to follow you on a common mission. My greatest strengths are being personable and my work ethic. I understand that not one person can be everything to a business, and to grow a successful business, you need to be able to delegate work to others that can do it better than you.

 What are your plans in the near future with Amini Construction?

Mehrdad Amini: As a young entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for ways to grow and expand my business. With this in mind, I see myself growing my business to an even larger scale and expanding to both new sections of construction as well as new areas in the world.

 I love being able to transform someone’s space. The tangible transformation gives me a natural high that makes me crave to do it over and over again. This is fueled by seeing my clients’ faces throughout the project, where they can see the changes coming to fruition.