3 Proven Ways to Clean a Wool Rug at Home

Wool rugs are super-amazing home décor items!

They’re filled with marvelous colors, alluring designs, and slide well in your house’s interior! This is why home-lovers like to spend a huge part of their investments on wool rugs.

But, buying a woolen rug and maintaining its knotted texture are two different parts of a journey! In order to maintain its ideal condition, you need to clean your carpet on different occasions. However, cleaning your floor covering can convert into a huge hassle if you don’t know how to do it!

One single mistake and there your carpet would be ruined! So, it’s better not to mess up with your rug and play on the safer side.

Here in this article, we have listed down the 3 proven ways to clean your rug without spoiling its texture, design, and colors. So, don’t stop reading!

How to Clean a Wool Rug at Home? 

Cleaning a wool rug at home might sound like a daunting task. But, if you follow the methods listed below, you can easily renew your carpet without having to spend a huge amount of time and money.

Here’re our top-recommended cleaning methods:

Vacuum Your Rug 

Want a super-easy method to clean your rug in just a few minutes? If so, then grab your vacuum cleaner and start cleaning both sides of your carpet! Make sure, you use a long cleaner to protect the fibers from shrinking. 

Wondering how often to vacuum your carpet?

Well, vacuum it just once or twice a month, depending upon the composition of the rug. Yes, you read it correctly! Woolen rugs don’t require regular cleaning just like the synthetic alternatives. But, this doesn’t mean that dust never lands on their surfaces. These woolen rugs store the dust particles in the tiny pockets which makes them look clean but these tiny bits should be removed thoroughly. 

Avoid over-vacuuming your rug. This might pull its fibers out leaving you a bald-like surfaced carpet! 

Remember, cleaning is necessary but precautions are much more important! 

Shake It Outside 

No detergent! No Water! And nothing! 

You don’t require a single thing for this method! 

Just wear a mask and take your rug outside and start playing with it with your family members! Shake it well enough for 30 or 60 seconds. You’ll instantly notice dust leaving out of the surface of your carpet. 

It’s better to conduct this activity on a sunny day. Once you’re done with shaking, let it take a sunbathe for few hours. Want a bonus tip? Spray some Faberge before leaving it under the sunshine to make it smell like fresh flowers!  

If you love to go for hand-knotted rugs i.e., handmade Jaldar rugs for sale then don’t leave it all over to vacuuming, give a few months break and keep shaking it out frequently. 

Deep Clean Your Rug

This requires your extra efforts. But to maintain and enjoy the luxuriousness of your carpet, it is worth it! 

Deep cleaning is one of the effective methods to bring your carpet back to life! But, hiring a professional might cost you a fortune if your carpet has to bear heavy-foot traffic or everyday-stains! And, leaving your carpets like this is not a good idea! 

So, it’s better to drag your carpet outside and start deep cleaning it yourself! 

Here is how you can do it: 

Things You Need to Grab: 

  • Rug shampoo or a dish soap 
  • Water Bucket or a garden hose 
  • Soft-bristle brush or a sponge
  • Water

Steps for Deep Cleaning a Rug 

  1. First of all, remove all the dirt particles through vacuuming or using a long brush
  2. Now, create a solution with rug shampoo (as directed on its bottle). If you’re using dish soap, then mix it in Lukewarm water
  3. Before scrubbing the solution, do a color test on the corner of the rug 
  4. If the color of your carpet doesn’t run, then start scrubbing the solution all over your carpet
  5. Let the entire solution sit for five minutes 
  6. Before rinsing, shake it off to remove all the dirt particles 
  7. Once you’re done, use a garden hose or a bucket filled with water and rinse the soap out of the rug 
  8. After this, remove the excess water with the help of a dry-wet vacuum (if you do have) or grab a squeegee for this
  9. Lay the rug flat and let it dry from the top and then flip it over to dry the bottom 
  10. Finally, brush your rug to untangle all the fibers! 

 That’s it! 

If you want to renew your carpets, then try using any of the methods discussed in this article. All types of woolen floor coverings i.e., Handmade area rugs for sale, Baluchi carpets, and many other hand-knotted floor coverings can be easily renewed with all these tips and practices.

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