3 Pro Excel Formatting Tricks That Save Time

These days, one of Microsoft’s most prominently used programs is Excel. It’s useful in creating lists and tables for a variety of projects. The downside is that operating the program can be quite time consuming, which can reduce productivity.

Thankfully, there are Excel formatting tips that you can implement to make your experience with the program a lot better. With that said, check out these tips on how to save time with Excel.

1. Move and Copy Rows Quicker

By clicking the row(s), you can move one row or several rows and then move the mouse over the top or bottom border before the four-arrow cursor is shown by Excel. During this step, you can also drag and drop the selected item. This trick makes excel formatting super simple.

To transfer the column(s), use the boundaries on the left or right. If you’d like to copy the list rather than move it, push down the Ctrl key as you drag and drop.

2. Open Multiple Files at Once

This is another one of the best excel formatting tips. If you work with tons of open workbooks at once, you can save a little time by opening them at the same time. Open Windows Explorer and build a multi-file collection using the Ctrl or Shift key.  

Click Enter when you’ve picked all the files you want. And that’s all you have to do! The only drawback is that it is important for all of your documents to be in the same file folder.

 The good news is, this is not just an Excel tip. You can open files with this trick on various programs. It’s a win-win and a huge time saver.

3. Take Advantage of Table Objects

Table objects handle data as a unit. Then they instantly take care of certain things, which minimizes the amount of time you’re required to deal with the details of the data. You get automated filters and layouts when you transform a data set to a table. Excel understands that you operate in a Table, therefore you can quickly insert data by clicking Tab Loops into the Table.

You can create a totaling row at the bottom of the table with a fast tap. Headers—despite the number of documents you have—are always available. When you expand the Table by inserting a column or a row, formulas and formatting are expanded by the Table.

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Excel Formatting Tips Made Easy

If you’re someone who uses Excel for your daily projects, these Excel formatting tips are a lifesaver. The goal when working on any project is to work smarter, not harder. The main way to do that is to be quicker and more efficient with your work.

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