3 PPC Mistakes That Are Costing You Sales

In the last few years, brands and agencies have been aggressively pursuing PPC campaigns for good reasons. Paid advertising has been able to help brands reach targeted audiences, improve visibility and push sales. In fact, for B2B businesses, PPC campaigns have emerged as some kind of a boon. 

However, the above is true only when a PPC campaign is executed by the best in the business to avoid loss of capital

An experienced PPC marketer/expert can get sky-rocketing ROIs from a well-planned and efficient campaign. An inexperienced one can leave the account looking like some kind of an embezzlement fraud. 

In this resource article, we shed light on the top 3 PPC Mistakes that are probably costing you thousands of dollars. If you are a brand looking to optimize your PPC campaigns, make sure you stay with us right until the end of the article. 

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns and Advertising: What is it all about?

PPC is a form of internet/online advertising and marketing. Every time a user clicks on the brand’s link in this structure, the brand needs to pay a fee to the search engine or social media platform. 

Many leading experts point out that as compared to SEO, which is a form of earning clicks, PPC focuses on buying clicks. In recent years, both Search Engine Advertising and Social Media Advertising have emerged as popular forms of PPC campaigns. 

Advertisers can be brands or agencies, bid for popular keywords that users are typing into search engines. The Search engine then looks at the keyword, checks out how many different brands and agencies are bidding on it, and then fixes the bidding price. 

Every time a user types in the keyword, the agency or brand’s paid ad for that keyword shows. If a customer clicks on the ad, the brand pays money to the search engine. 

List of the 3 PPC Mistakes that are Costing you Sales

In this section, we spoke k to experts at leading PPC management agencies and asked them to list down the 3 PPC Mistakes that are costing you sales. 

  1. Ranking Traffic over Conversions- 

A very elementary mistake that agencies and brands make when it comes to PPC is targeting high traffic keywords. High traffic keywords are expensive and do not necessarily translate into sales. Experts recommend that rather than targeting traffic, it would be much better to target conversions and sales. 

This means looking at LSI keywords that show intent in terms of purchasing and buying preferences. It will help bring down the traffic and the clicks from it, but this is not something to be disheartened. 

Tracking conversions using Conversion Tracking Pixels will help you get a better and clearer idea about the leads and sales conversions from your PPC campaigns.  Ideally, it should be a part of the Thank You Page of the website. 

  1. Creating a Poor Landing Page- 

No matter how great your keyword research, targeting, ad extensions, and optimizations are, it is all a big loss if you do not have a proper Landing Page.  While expert PPC marketers are great at dashboard optimization, they fail to work well with the designer and the copy team for the Landing Page. 

A good Landing Page needs to have the right design language, highlight the hero product/service, and come with clear and direct communication. The key is to ensure that when the consumers land on the page, they know exactly what they have to do. 

The best agencies focus on elements like multi-step forms, great and attractive copy options, and stunning minimal landing page designs to boost conversions. 

  1. Sole Focus on Google Advertising- 

There is no doubt that Google is a giant when it comes to the world of search engines. It is also true that no other search engine comes close to Google when it comes to traffic and visibility. However, it should be pointed out that both Bing and Safari are slowly gaining in terms of traffic and clicks. 

A good agency or brand should always look to diversify PPC campaigns and spread them across the different search engines. Yes, you can dedicate a huge chunk of your PPC budgets to Google, but you should take into account the other search engines as well. 

Targeting Bing, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms can also help you by increasing conversions, sometimes at a lower CPC. 

The Bottom Line

Once you can eliminate the three PPC mistakes mentioned in this resource article, you will be able to optimize your paid advertising better. If you have any more questions on PPC campaigns, drop them in the comments section below. We will try to address as many of them as possible. 

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