3 Powerful Women in Business around the World!

While progress has been made in recent years, historically, it has been more difficult for women to establish themselves in business compared to men. However, businesswomen have a lot of potential power and the capacity to greatly affect development and change in their industries and communities. Women-owned enterprises are more prevalent than ever and make a substantial economic contribution. In the United States alone, women-owned firms employ more than 9 million people and produce $3 trillion in revenue, according to a 2020 American Express analysis. 

When women thrive in business, they dismantle stereotypes and open doors for subsequent generations of women to follow in their footsteps and excel in their fields, much like the women listed below in this article who have excelled in their fields and are serving as an inspiration for many!

Nicole Blankenship

Nicole Blankenship is a self-made female entrepreneur who transformed her grief into love by building a place and a company where people feel seen, heard, and appreciated just as they are.

In 2016, she established the successful permanent makeup artistry company “The Brow Project,” which not only delivers customers the most beautiful brows ever but also owns a wonderful, standalone studio where customers from all over the world come to enhance their brows, eyes, and lips.

In addition to being selected as one of Reader’s Digest’s 50 women-owned businesses in 2021, she has won other awards, including best Dallas beauty experience and dynamic woman award with modern luxury.

Latasha McRae

Latasha McRae always knew she wanted to start her own company. She experienced a near-death experience in 2003, which put her in a coma for three weeks. Latasha used her close call with death as inspiration. She was committed to realizing her ambition of starting her own business. Latasha McRae established Peeks Cosmetics on the principle that everyone should feel and look attractive and not be constrained by a single personality.

Peeks cosmetics has a collection of high-quality products that range from Vitamin E lip glosses to liquid lipsticks with mint flavoring (lip blasters), to nail shiners in stylish shades, to long-wearing, highly pigmented eye shadows, to bright lipsticks, among many more.

Nancy Twine

Nancy Twine is the founder and CEO of Briogeo, a natural and sustainable hair care brand. She founded the company in 2013 after noticing a lack of natural and effective hair care options for women with textured hair.

Twine began making her hair care products with ingredients sourced from her grandmother’s kitchen garden and eventually turned her hobby into a business. She launched Briogeo with just six products and has since grown the company to a multimillion-dollar business, with its products being sold in over 1,500 retailers worldwide, including Sephora, Ulta, and Dermstore.

These women have distinctive viewpoint and skill set to offer, and research has proven that they make good managers and leaders. They act as role models for other women and encourage them to follow their entrepreneurial aspirations.

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