3 Pharmaceutical Industry Trends for 2022

The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly developing due to the introduction of new technologies, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, startups, blockchains, and more. In 2022, this sphere has been modernized by the appearance of new ideas and increased investment. It is important to note that international cooperation and the expiration of obsolete patents have also influenced significant changes in the pharmaceutical field.

Global and Mexican Pharmacy Online

Over the past few years, global pharmaceutical companies have been doing more research to solve various disease problems. International corporations have made medicines available for any region, especially for purchases via the Internet. Among the best online pharmacies are the following:

  • Sesame.
  • Amazon Pharmacy.
  • Blink Health.
  • Medsmex.
  • Honeybee Health.
  • Health Warehouse.

The Mexican pharmacy online has received the greatest development – it has become more focused. Now this country is one of the best in the field of cosmetic surgery and with its success, it borders equally Israeli clinics. 

At the beginning of the year, the JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM) annual health conference was provided. The main topic is the best pharmaceutical trends for the study and development of drugs for coronavirus treatment. 

But the participants of the conference also proposed innovations and new solutions for the medicine development in regions with particular needs. It is worth noting 3 trends that have made a real breakthrough in their directions.

Vaccination – Solution to the World Problem

The American company Pfizer was officially registered in 1849. Since then, it has occupied a leading position both locally and globally. It is the most talked-about trend in 2021-2022, thanks to the revolutionary COVID-19 vaccine. 

The brand invited countries to come together in 2020 to research the development of a vaccine. The first country to vaccinate Pfizer/BioNTech was the UK. Vaccination with this drug is now possible in Turkey, Armenia, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, France, Germany, and some other countries.

Best Mexican Pharmacy

Online Mexican pharmacy was taken to a new level. It offers more brand names and generic medicines. A simplified service system and fast free delivery throughout the country have made this Internet pharmacy one of the most popular. 

Since 1999, Medsmex has been one of the best Mexican pharmacy. Over the past few years, the site of the company has expanded its catalog by adding more useful drugs that are sold without and with a prescription from a doctor.

Diabetes Treatment Innovations 

The Danish corporation Novo Nordisk was one of the breakthroughs at the JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM) conference. The main direction is the search for a cure for diabetes and other serious chronic diseases. The delegation also showed new research in the treatment of obesity and biopharmaceuticals. 

Drug development of the company’s core business is about 80%, with nearly 48% of revenue coming from North America. Like a certified Mexican pharmacy, all medications of this brand are tested and licensed. 

If we consider global corporations, in addition to the success of the German and Israeli pharmaceutical markets, it is also worth noting the rapid improvement in the capabilities of Indian companies. Mexican pharmacy is also doing well this year, especially in generic online sales.