3 Out-Dated SEO Tactics and Practices You Should Avoid Using

Some SEO tactics are evergreen, some new take place, and some older fades out. What SEO tactic you should undertake and what tactic you should ignore, is what we are going to discuss in this article.

If you are familiar with SEO, you would know that Google and other search engines time and again update their algorithms and policies related to spam and low-quality activities and what marketers should follow in guidelines.

This does state that you should be updating yourself as frequently as search engines keep updating how they work and what they deem fit good. While many will have an idea about what good tactics are, do you know what outdated tactics you should not waste your time on? You should ensure that your provider for SEO services in India or anywhere else is following the right steps, avoiding the outdated practices we have mentioned below:

1. Check How You Are Approaching Keyword Usage

Keywords are a core for any SEO marketing strategy. And therefore it becomes necessary that you should understand what the role of keywords is. Keyword stuffing, targeting wrong keywords, and there are many misuses of keywords that marketers and webmasters do:

Irrelevancy in Keyword Targeting

It is something that novice marketers do. They try to fit in all type of keywords in their content and marketing approach, without focusing on content alignment, without keyword research specific to user intent.

Keyword Stuffing

Well you know that keywords are the main element of any content, be it webpage or your marketing material? So, what do many marketers do? They stuff their content with too much of keywords, all with unnatural text combinations. While using the right and high-value keywords is important it doesn’t mean that you stuff in too much without giving value and meaning to your content.

Keyword Density

It is important to note that you don’t rely on keyword density at all. While you should know that Google and other search engines don’t depend on keyword intensity at all, they rely more on what value the page and content is giving to the readers. So, your focus shouldn’t be only to use keywords, but using that in the right manner way.

2. Writing for Search Engines

There was a time when the sole focus of the marketers and content writers was to create content that can reach the top of the rankings. And for this, it was all about writing for search engine robots only. However, it is not the case anymore. Now even Google puts focus on user experience and what value your content is providing them. So, if you are writing unnaturally, then it is not natural, and would not yield any befitting result whatsoever.

3. EDM (Exact Match Domains) Without Focusing on the Underlying Meaning

If you are using keywords in your page URL, page title it is very effective and helpful. But to some magnitude only. However, what if your users find that the inside of the website is different or misleading to what the domain states? Your brand URL shouldn’t be only about keywords to your industry, but should be precise, concise and what your brand really represents. Else, it will lead to bad user experience at the first step only, a ploy that will certainly backfire.


So, is your provider for SEO services in India knowing and doing what is right? Are they in the know-how of what tactics to use and what not?