3 must-use things for your ‘job-to-be-done’ framework to be successful

Businesses need to be continually thinking of new ways to develop products, understand their target market, and determine the triggers and indicators that push a customer to use a particular product or service to make their life easier.

Whether you are selling a product or service, you need to take into account the minds of the costumes and what makes them tick. Customers and customer satisfaction are arguably the two most important cogs in the wheel of business success.

When businesses take this information into account to change their marketing strategies and product development, their product team can help determine and analyze what users are actually trying to do when buying their product or service to use in their life. See more here about examples on jobs to be done.

Let’s see how this process can help businesses succeed.

What is the job to be done in the framework?

The job to be done framework is a method of developing products based on understanding your target market’s goal and the thoughts behind why your ideal customer decides to use your product or service. This job to be done framework removes the main focus from the product or service itself, and instead focuses attention and energy on the consumer.

Along with focusing on the customer, this framework analyzes and figures out the target market’s true motive for buying or using your product. Why does customer A want to use your service, and why does customer B not want to buy your product? Job to be done farmer works help businesses analyze and understand their customers on a deeper level.

Businesses need to keep in mind this framework can be time-consuming – but by sticking with this plan, they can understand their customers and uncover the underlying goal the users are trying to reach when they use the business’ product.

The main goals of using the job to be done framework are to better understand what their customers truly want and create the best customer experience possible, boosting customer satisfaction and consumer retention.

3 must-use-things for the job to be done framework to be successful

Identify what customers are trying to do

Businesses need to identify the jobs customers are trying to complete and the goals the customer wants to accomplish. When you see the motive behind why customers want to use your products or services, you can tailor your marketing strategy towards these goals.

Categorize the jobs to be done

There are two main categories of jobs to be done:

  • Main jobs to be done – this category refers to the immediate tasks your customers want to achieve with your product or service
  • Related jobs to be done – this category is the secondary missions of the initial goal of your customer

Within each of these two types of jobs to be done, there are different aspects businesses can use to categorize and organize their job to be done framework:

  • Functional job aspects – practical and objective requirements to meet the goal
  • Emotional job aspects – the customer’s feelings about achieving their goal and why they want to meet their needs

Breaking down each component of your job to be done framework can help businesses organize their steps to identify their customers, realize their customers’ wants and needs, and provide their customers with the most options when it comes to providing the right products or services.

If a business does not organize their job to be done framework, they will suffer from a lack of data regarding what makes their target market choose their business over the competition.

Define the competition

Businesses need to identify and analyze their competition to see why their customers may leave their company and seek another product. Knowing what products are in consideration when it comes to your target market’s thoughts is crucial to providing an extensive range of products and services for everyone.

Along with providing a wide enough range of services or products for your target market, businesses need to see what specific products make customers return and focus on the uniqueness and individuality of the business.


By addressing three main aspects of your job to be done framework, businesses can ensure they meet the customer’s needs and wants. Figuring out the target market, why your customers want your products or services, and how to best supply them with the product is all-important in helping your business flourish and succeed in customer retention.

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