3 Most Difficult Challenges Faced by App Marketing Agency

Do you know that an average user installs around 36 apps on his/her device and that 90% of users’ time on mobile is spent on the top five of these apps? If a business wants to sustain a growing revenue, then having a mobile app is becoming increasingly important. They have become an integral part of any business. Seeing this huge potential of mobile apps, the app industry is flourishing with more than 3.6 million apps on Google Play Store alone. To make your app visible among this humongous load, you need to have a proper pre- and post-launch mobile app marketing strategies and for that, it’s always recommended to hire the services of a good app marketing agency.


In the crowded app market space, getting the right visibility is not easy for even these app marketing services and they face many challenges. Here are a few common challenges that are faced by them:


Designing an Effective Marketing Strategy


This is the most challenging part as it makes the difference between the app’s success and failure. It takes a thorough thinking and understanding, proper research, and right tools and techniques to design an apt app marketing strategy. The app marketing strategy is to be developed even before the app development starts. The very first step for developing a sound and effective strategy is to identify and set goals. These goals should be realistic and the process should be put in place to measure the progress at every step.


To Make App Visible in App Stores


With more than 3.6 million apps on Google Play Store, making your app visible or discoverable in app stores is a huge challenge. The organic techniques alone are not enough to be visible among millions of apps in app stores and the app marketing agency you hired has to think of other tactics. This includes promoting the app by paid marketing, marketing on social media, and asking the users for reviews, reaching out to the industry influencers, etc. The more innovative methods you deploy for promoting your app, the better it will be to make it visible and discoverable on the app stores.


Retaining Your Users


Let’s say, you did everything right, had a great idea, and developed an innovative app based on that. The marketing strategy also worked and the users installed your app. Now comes the hardest part, which is to retain your users. With hundreds of apps getting launched every single day, it won’t take long before someone comes up with a similar app with some added features. The users will take no time in abandoning yours and switching to your competitors’. To retain your customers, you have to keep providing value, keep interacting with them, and keep engaging them. Having proper tools in place to analyze various metrics and app reviews will help in staying at the top of the game.


In today’s business scenario, apps provide the perfect platform to establish a relationship with your audience. They might not remember your web address, but if your app is installed on their smartphone, they can always reach you by a click of the button. Besides establishing a relationship, the app also works as your marketing and communication channel through which you can launch promotional campaigns, offer bonuses and discounts, and thus can communicate directly with your customers. As the app plays an important part in the success of your business, it must be marketed properly. The marketing agency you choose should have the required tools and expertise to tackle all the challenges that come along the way and make your app emerge as a winner in this battle of visibility and discoverability.