3 Most Beautiful Cities in Asia You Should Visit During Winter

If for you winter means a time to explore a new snow-covered world and the pleasures that come with it, you’re at the right place for opportunities. Across Asia, many countries offer exclusive winter delight that is simply a must-see. In that regard, we present three of the most appealing nations sure to fire up the cold season:

1) Hong Kong, China
A vacation masterpiece no matter when you visit, Hong Kong certainly impresses in the colder months of the year. Its skyscraper jungle of a city is tinged with the silk of snow, ensuring breathtaking horizons of ice-capped towers and picturesque shopping malls offering massive discounts in light of the holiday rush. Your Hong Kong winter itinerary should include detours at Victoria harbor and Hong Kong Disneyland, where festivities, fireworks, and special performances constantly ring through the air during this time of year. A stop at the Ngong Ping Snow Village is advisable too, as
this tranquil village is whitewashed by snow excellent for ice skating, building snow angels, and just goofing around. If it gets a little too cold for comfort, be sure to stop by a parlor for a relaxing Hong Kong massage. With ancient medicine and soothing techniques, this traditional therapy is sure to calm you down and warm you up.

2) Otaru, Japan
This port town is as romantic as it is charming, offering a peaceful canal perfect for a couple’s trip, sandwiched by banks of snow, gleaming under the light of Victorian-style gas lamps. Eateries and shops now reside where merchant buildings of yesteryears stood, offering a traditional façade that somewhat embodies a mix of Japanese and Russian heritage, the latter proving more dominant. Historical servings aside, this quiet winter wonderland is also famous or the world-renowned Otaru Snow Light Path Festival, where locals decorate the town’s pathways with thousands
of lanterns and snow candles. For more winter treat, a trip to Mt. Tengu should be at the forefront. It offers incredible playgrounds for skiers in the backdrop of a beautiful dusk cityscape that looks like a fairytale.

3) Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tucked within soft-spoken Kazakhstan, Almaty city is a winter lover’s paradise. With dramatic white peaks that will remind you a lot of the French Alps, Almaty presents an excellent canvas for winter sports that could easily pass for world-class. Be it skiing or snowboarding; there’s all kinds of cold-season delight for those who like to take to the ice. The enormous altitude ensures lots of snow between December and April.
The most notable of its winter gems are Ak-Bulak and Chimbulak. The latter lies in a serene gorge in a mountainous setting amid the Tian Shan ranges. From snowball fights with families and sledding across pine trees to acrobatic skiing and snowboarding, this city ensures winter is anything but cold. Who said winter is a time to cower inside and be imprisoned under the confines of your blanket? There’s much to do and see, and these three cities typify why winter is just as good a time as any to go vacationing in Asia!