3 Mistakes To Avoid While Using Sheet Masks

Natural sheet masks are one of the best products that can be used to pamper your skin. Here are the three mistakes that you should avoid.

Not prepping your skin in advance.

Preparing your skin for the sheet mask is one of the most crucial steps. This step makes sure that you are able to gain the most out of your face mask sheet. Starting off with a clean base gives a plain canvas to the sheet mask. If you have your makeup on or oil, dirt and dust on your face, the sheet mask will not get the space to get into your skin. The serum from the sheet mask will lay on the makeup or dust of your face and cause no benefits. Therefore it is always advised to use a face wash before applying a sheet mask. In case you have your makeup, you can use a good cleanser or makeup remover first and then wash your face with a face wash. These steps will get you rid of all the impurities that have been residing in the pores of your face and even the leftover makeup. After having a perfectly clean face, it is now time to apply the hydrating sheet mask. The active ingredients from the sheet mask will sink deep into your skin and make your skin look flawless.

Leaving the mask on for a longer period of time:

There are many girls who think that leaving a sheet mask for too long will be more beneficial. Well, sorry to break the bubble but there is nothing like that. If you leave your sheet mask on for some extra time that will not help you get anything extra. Letting the mask dry on your face will have opposite effects. Instead of making the most out of your mask, you will end up ruining the whole magic. Onec the sheet mask starts drying out it will reabsorb all the serum. This means that the ingredients or hydrating serum that got deposited on your face by putting on the hydrating sheet mask will be taken off by the sheet mask itself. Not just serum but in many cases even the skin moisture is pulled off by the sheet mask. Hence you will end up losing your natural skin moisture instead of hydrating your skin. That is why it is always advised to not overdo a thing. If the time mentioned on the mask is 10-15 minutes, you need to do that accordingly. Once the time is up, you should take off your sheet mask rather than extending it. Some extra minutes can be considered and might not hurt but letting the sheet mask dry out completely is senseless. A mask can only be effective if you stick to instructions given.

Washing your face after taking off the sheet mask:

One of the most common mistakes that people make is rinsing their face after they take off the sheet mask. As you know sheet masks are soaked in serum and as you put the mask on, the serum gets absorbed into your skin. As mentioned in the instructions, you need to keep the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes. Well this is because a mask takes some time to soak in the serum. And the moment you wash your face everything washes away. The serum that gets absorbed in your skin gets rinsed away in no time if you wash your face just after the sheet mask. You might notice that your skin remains a little damp when you remove the sheet mask. That is because the serum is still getting penetrated in the skin. Rather than washing your face, you should gently massage the leftover serum on your face to help it in getting absorbed efficiently. 

Only if you use a sheet mask correctly, they are a great skincare product. Pamper your skin by using a sheet mask today!