3 Major Jean Style Trends Of 2021

Following a long year and a half of not leaving the house, ditching office attire for pyjamas and not giving jeans a second thought, a huge change in trends was bound to happen. Jean trends in particular seem to stick around for a long time, so when new ones come out, it’s hard not to take notice – you only have to scroll for 5 minutes through Instagram to see that skinny jeans are nowhere to be found! Have we finally seen the back of the 15 year plus fashion staple? 

The 2021 jean trends are steering into comfort zones as looser fitting styles are making their way onto the streets. Here, we’ll talk you through the 3 biggest jean style trends you need to know for this year.

1. Bootcut Jeans

90’s denim is making a big comeback this year, and there are mixed opinions! The controversial bootcut jeans style is gaining traction and although the flashbacks to the early 2000’s can be slightly scary (you don’t want to pull out the bootcuts you’ve saved from 2001 hoping they’d make a comeback!), there are some fabulous updated silhouettes on the market including styles from AG Jeans. The 2021 bootcut silhouette is generally slimmer and higher in rise, giving you a slimmer and elongated look. They typically feature a slim thigh that subtly flares out below the knee and are made from a thicker denim that promises structure and fits over boots. So how do you wear bootcut jeans in 2021? This modern take on the bootcut can look flattering with ankle boots, trainers or heels. Wear with tops tucked in or out to create different styles for different occasions, you won’t look back again after trying this style!

2. Baggy Jeans

You may call them mom jeans, dad jeans, boyfriend jeans, wide leg jeans etc. but they all fall under the same category of ‘baggy jeans’. These jeans are comfy and cool and are a great way to take the comfort of your beloved baggy joggers to the outside world without feel too casual. These jeans are another big throwback to the 90’s, but with a twist of modern day features such as a higher rise on the waist and a length that doesn’t drag on the floor as you walk creating an unintentional ‘distressed look’. For this style of jean, pair with your favourite trainers. Wear with crop tops, bodysuits or graphic tee’s tucked in to give you more of a silhouette, unless you can rock the loose-on-loose clothing look!

3. Straight Leg Jeans

If you’re not quite ready to go from skinny to baggy jeans just yet, then a straight leg style is the perfect transition. The silhouette is a slim, straight jean that sits at the waist, and the legs drop straight down from the hips to the hem. This classic and vintage style is perfect to wear at any point in the year, and can be taken from day time with trainers and a t-shirt, to night time with strappy heels and camisole.

Whatever your new go-to jeans trend you decide to follow in 2021, don’t be too hasty in throwing out your skinny jeans just yet! As we know, trends come and go, so make sure to style your favourite pair the way you like, whether this be bootcut, baggy, straight, skinny or cropped!