3 Key Factors to Consider When Looking For a 12V Inverter

During the last few years, an increasing number of people have switched from 9diesel generators to 12V inverters. That’s because inverters cost far less than generators and they are better for the environment, too. In fact, considering the rising fuel prices, the cost of running an inverter is also substantially lower than the cost of running a generator. If you too are planning to buy a 12V inverter and are unsure of how to select the right inverter for your home, here’s a list of factors that you must consider when buying one. Let’s read on.

1. VA (Volt Ampere) Rating of the 12V Inverter

VA Rating or Inverter Capacity is a measure of the power an inverter can deliver. The unit of inverter capacity is VA (Volt Ampere). To determine the required VA Rating, you first need to calculate your power requirement. Since no inverter is 100 percent efficient, use the following formula to determine the exact VA Rating of the inverter you should buy.

VA rating (Inverter Capacity) = Power requirement (watts) / Power factor

To calculate the exact power requirement, add up the power consumption of all the appliances. 

The value of the power factor lies anywhere between 0.65 – 0.8. 

Note – If you are looking for a quick solution, use Luminous India’s Power Calculator to find out the exact VA Rating of the inverter you should buy. 

2. Inverter Technology Used 

Inverters can be categorized into two main types based on their inverter technology – square wave and pure sine wave. Your choice of inverter technology would largely depend on the appliances that you want to run on your inverter. For example, if you want to run basic devices such as fans, tube lights, and bulbs you can opt for a square wave inverter such as the Eco Watt Neo 900 from Luminous India. But if you want to run voltage-sensitive devices such as air conditioners, microwaves, and refrigerators then you should go for a pure sine wave inverter. The reason is that the output of a pure sine wave inverter is very similar to that received from the grid.  Also, devices that are run on square wave inverters produce a humming noise but the same devices when run on pure sine wave inverters, make no noise. Last but important is the price difference between these two inverters. Pure sine wave inverters are more expensive as compared to square wave inverters. So those who want to run basic equipment such as fans, bulbs, and tube lights, and are looking for an economical power backup solution, can go for square wave inverters.

3. Features the 12V Inverter Offers 

Many buyers just buy any inverter assuming all inverters are the same. That, however, is not the right approach. As the market is swamped with inverters of different brands one must compare different inverters based on the features they offer. Luminous India inverters, for instance, come with unique features such as advanced battery management, digital informative display, high-surge protection, Wi-Fi connectivity, and fast battery charging. But make sure that you buy an inverter that offers features which you think are useful. Don’t just buy an inverter because it is overloaded with features or else it will unnecessarily add to your cost. 

Last But Important

Price is undoubtedly an important factor to consider when purchasing a 12V inverter. But price value is an even better way of buying an inverter as it tells you about the actual value for money that you are spending. So, before you set out to buy an inverter, fix your budget and then narrow down on a few inverters that fall within your budget. Then compare those inverters to select the one that best suits your requirement.  Do check out Luminous India inverters before you make a final buying decision as they offer superior performance and are available at reasonable prices. 

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