3 Intriguing Medical Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of

Interested in a job with high demand and high pay? Then healthcare work may be the perfect fit for you. 

Between 2019 and 2029, healthcare job opportunities are expected to grow by 15%. Employees who are healthcare practitioners or technical occupations can make an average of $68,190 annually.

But, what job opportunities besides becoming a nurse or a doctor exist?

Keep reading to discover a few medical jobs that you probably haven’t heard of before.¬†

1. Medical Transcription

If you’re looking for cool healthcare jobs, a medical transcriptionist definitely tops the list.¬†

Doctors, nurses, and administration staff are usually very busy during the average workday. To lighten their workload, they create voice recordings of their findings instead of taking notes. But, when they visit the patient or topic again, they want to be able to quickly read their previous notes. 

That’s where you come in.¬†

As a transcriptionist, you listen to recordings and type everything you hear. Having knowledge of medical terminology and the healthcare world will help with your speed and accuracy. 

While this job may pay less than other medical field careers, you can work from home which is a huge bonus. 

2. Medical Courier

Gone are the days where everyone visits a physical pharmacy or healthcare professionals visit medical supply stores. Instead, a lot of medical items are shipped directly to the customer, hospital, or doctor’s office. But, since medical items can be dangerous in the wrong hands, they need to be transported with care.¬†

Medical couriers are in charge of ensuring that these items get to their final destination safely. Medical courier service employees are also medical certified staff. This allows them to protect patient confidentiality and understand the proper chain of custody.

If you’re looking for healthcare jobs that keep you on your feet, consider becoming a medical courier.¬†

3. Biomedical Technician

The medical world is constantly changing and with that change comes new and exciting job opportunities. Biomedical technology, which includes things like surgical robots and 3D medical imaging, is rapidly becoming more crucial for everyday medical work. 

But, these pieces of technology are very intricate and need a professional to service, repair, and install them. Hospitals or medical offices with a lot of biomedical devices often hire biomedical technicians to do this work. 

This job combines the complexity of engineering or technician work with the knowledge of the healthcare world. 

There Are Plenty of Medical Jobs Waiting for You

Which of these cool medical jobs do you want to pursue?

If you are a fast typer and enjoy the freedom of working from home, consider becoming a medical transcriptionist. Or, if you enjoy being on the move and love to drive, you could think of a career as a medical courier. Those who love learning new things and working with technology may want to look into a job as a biomedical technician. 

If none of these medical jobs piqued your interest, don’t fret ‚ÄĒ there are many more opportunities for¬†employment in the medical field. Browse the rest of this site to learn about more exciting medical job openings.¬†