3 Interesting Facts About Modular Shipping Containers

Modular shipping containers have been used in the shipping business since the 1960s. Today they have many surprising uses. Here we look at three interesting facts about modular shipping containers.

1. Architects Love Them

The modular shipping container has become the new modular building material of choice by architects around the globe. Their ready-made design makes them the perfect size and shape to create sustainable living and working spaces. Because of this, they have become an affordable, and eco-friendly choice as they can be repurposed and transformed for endless uses in the construction industry. You will find all kinds of structures made either solely of containers, or that contain some form of modular shipping container incorporated into the design.

They have a unique look from the exterior that can be painted or covered just like any other building material, allowing architects to get very creative. They have an edgy look and the interiors can be designed just like any other structure. They are easily outfitted with doors and windows and many modular shipping container buildings also incorporate sustainable energy sources such as solar panels. An excellent example is the Freitag store in Zurich which consists of 19 containers. Nine are stacked on top of each other creating a 26 meters tall structure, making it the tallest container structure in the world. 

2. Modular Shipping Containers Can Be Modified

Not only are these handy containers used by architects, but they can easily be modified for a long list of new purposes including:

  • Swimming pools: The depth, shape and materials of modular shipping containers Calgary make them an excellent choice for a very durable ready-made swimming pool.
  • Disaster relief: Shipping containers can be modified to create mobile disaster relief units and be sent anywhere in the world to assist countries following natural disasters.
  • Container “cities”: As mentioned above containers are growing in popularity as a modular building material. They are being modified to create affordable housing such as apartment complexes and dorms for students.
  • Offices: Ideal for mobile offices such as those required at construction sites, the container-based mobile office can easily be modified and then shipped to sites as needed.
  • Temporary clinics: The pandemic called for new ideas for temporary clinics as well as storage, and the shipping container is the perfect solution. They can even be outfitted as ICU units to accommodate patients at overrun hospitals.

These are just a few ways shipping containers can be modified.

3. They are a Retailers Dream

Retailers are finding all kinds of uses for the modular shipping container including:

  • Additional storage: Retailers running out of storage can modify shipping containers to accommodate overstock situations.
  • Additional showrooms: The easy adaptability of containers makes them the perfect choice for retailers to create additional showroom space to serve customers.
  • Affordable pop-up stores: The trend for pop-up stores makes it necessary for retailers to be everywhere their customers are. As a result, the pop-up allows them to create experiential shopping venues for their customers. They can modify their shipping containers as mobile retail units so customers can access their goods in a new and engaging way.

As you can see the humble module shopping container is a lot more interesting than you think!