3 Innovative Contactless Payment Methods

Did you know the U.S. is coming off a coin shortage? Due to the pandemic, there is a lower number of coins in circulation. 

The pandemic has also led many businesses to stop accepting cash. This comes out of fear of getting sick by handling cash. These are two of many factors that show there is a need for contactless payment methods.

More customers now have the option of paying with methods other than cash and coins. To keep up with the demand of this movement, new contactless payment methods are in use now.

Read this article to learn about three new contactless payment methods. 

1. Mobile Wallets

Carrying a wallet is now a thing of the past. Most credit card companies and banks offer cards that you can place in your mobile wallet. Yes, you may be able to add your cards to your mobile phone.

With this contactless payment method, all you need to do is tap your phone on the card machine. This tap method can replace the need to swipe your card at the time of payment. 

2. Facial Recognition and Biometrics

Many businesses are moving forward with a new contactless payment system. You may have seen some of your local fast-food chains use a facial recognition system. This system allows customers to pay with a simple face scan.

This is one of the contactless payment options that give customers the ability to pay and go. The customer doesn’t need to interact with a human nor handle cash. 

Biometric payments are removing the need for physical payment. You’ll soon see more businesses install kiosks enabled with facial ID technology.

3. Voice Command

Another new option uses voice command. Gas stations across the country work with cars’ voice command features. Customers can start the payment process through their car’s voice recognition system.

Cars with a built-in voice-enabled device may give customers the option to activate the pump. The device will locate the location of the gas station and the pump. The customer will then have to confirm the transaction. 

Contactless payment options will keep expanding. Data from a recent survey shows that more than half of Americans use a touch-free payment method.

You should switch over your cards to your contactless payment app. Don’t miss out on these new contactless payment options. If you have a Bento account, consider switching to a virtual debit card.  

Make the Move to a Contactless Payment 

Many businesses are not taking cash. Instead, they are asking customers to pay with a card. Now you can add your cards to a mobile wallet so you can pay with your smartphone.

You may also be able to use your face to pay for a service. Some businesses may allow customers to pay with a voice command. These are the newest contactless payment options. 

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