3 Important Questions That Must Be Asked Before getting Into A Child Sponsorship Program

Sponsoring a child is a popular & powerful way of helping children in developing countries. There are a lot of reasons why you should sponsor a child today – the most basic one is that many children miss out on the crucial opportunities to break free from the generational poverty and lead a fulfilling life without a sponsor’s support.

But it is important for you to understand everything about child sponsorship before you look for child sponsorship programs. There are certain questions that people often miss out asking, but it is important to ask them before signing up with child sponsorship organizations.

Here in this post, we have mentioned the three most significant questions that you must clarify before giving your money.

Will the community be involved, or does the charity only deliver handouts for children?

This is a crucial question that must be asked because some sponsorship organizations are building a sustainable solution while others are happy to simply by meeting the immediate needs.

Some sponsorship organizations believe that the bigger goal is better as they help the community to help itself, and such child sponsorship programs not just help the child but the community as a whole. They work with the entire community to identify their needs and find solutions to which the community itself contributes to.

Some organizations, on the other hand, believe that the most important thing is to help every individual child. Such programs meet the immediate needs of a child, but may not always engage the community in finding solutions for their problems. So make sure you check with the organization and figure out which kind of sponsorship program you would want to contribute to.

Does child sponsorship really reduce poverty in the long term?

In short, yes! Child sponsorship organizations approach child sponsorship in different ways. Some believe that children have real capabilities, and will learn best from their active involvement in the projects that will ultimately benefit them. They ask children what their needs are and respect their opinions. These organizations tailor their child sponsorship programs well according to what the children see as benefits.

Some organizations believe that adults will know what is best for the children. They mainly ask community leaders about what the children need & respond primarily to their concerns. Children, however, benefit from this, but they do not have an active say.

As a sponsor, you may have an opinion about the capabilities of children. Indeed, you may probably exercise that opinion within your own family. So it is important that you seek out an organization or a program that matches your perspective on the role of children.

Is the organization serious about measuring the long-term impact of their contribution to children?

This question is important because some sponsorship organizations are interested in results over time while other organizations are satisfied with the immediate gratification of a child receiving a gift.

Some organizations, through their experience, realize that poverty is complex & the effects of an intervention need to be measured carefully. For example, simply building a school may not mean that all the children in that community end up going to school. There may be various other factors that need to be addressed to ensure that every child benefits.

Some organizations are delighted to deliver tangible benefits, such as a school for children. These organizations measure themselves on the basis of delivery of such outputs. They are less interested in why certain children might not be in school.

So, make sure you ask these questions and clarify all your doubts before signing up for a child sponsorship program.

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