3 Great things about FIFA 22

FIFA 22 will be the first game that has been designed for next-gen consoles. Rather than only slightly snazzier haircuts for players in both the PS5 or Xbox Series X versions, it’s going to be a huge leap forward from FIFA 21. As with this incredible game, there are a lot of games have been released for PS4. Visit 9 Best Fantasy Games For PlayStation to play more fantasy games, like FIFA22.

To show that, Electronic Arts Sports has been showing some of the latest features that will be added to the game once it launches on October 1st. Here’s everything you should be aware of.

1. It’s powerful in the air

A header win during FIFA 21 often feels like it’s all about the toss of a coin. FIFA 22 should bring an element of competitiveness to aerial combat.

The players will now fight players to get the upper hand in taking the ball into the air. The effects of mid-air collisions and gravity are more obvious. EA Sports calls them Kinetic Air Battles that sound more like a sci-fi-themed game show, with a robot host Bruce Forsyth.

Goalkeepers have also been redesigned which means their motion is better and they respond more accurately when they see the ball. It’s hoped that they’ll be less likely to kick the ball straight into the air.

2. The first impression you make is vital.

Electronic Arts Aka EA is adding 450 animations new to the Latest FIFA variation, that’s many times more than the last time as well as 400 that are pure to control the ball.

In the chaos of a match, the passes may not always land on the ground at an appropriate level for players to manage and control. In previous games, this usually resulted in awkward movements. But FIFA 22 has a load of brand-new animations that are multi-touch, which allows players to use a variety of body parts at once to manage it.

Also, there’s a brand-new Explosive Sprint mechanic, which will give those who don’t have the time to study the best techniques to beat a guy. If you have the time, there are four new skills to master including the expert bridge fake, scoop turn first-time spin, as well as the skill of four touches.

3. It’s packed with Hyper motion

FIFA announcements are always laced with a plethora of buzzwords that may sometimes be hard to discern in the field however, you only need to sit through a few minutes of high-tech gameplay to be able to see Hyper motion performing its work.

Instead of simply capturing the movement of just a handful of players at once, EA Sports has captured the entire game of 11-a-side to the world’s first. This means that instead of reenacting particular game scenarios The animations are based on actual moments, which makes them look more real and natural. The AI also has AI the chance to explore including a whopping 8.7 million frames it can pick out of in real-time.

Hyper motion can also bring players into life a little more, especially when they are not on the ball. They’ll glance at their shoulders to ensure they are aware of where the opposition players are point out players who need to be picked up by set-pieces, or even yell in anger if you decide to shoot instead of passing to them while the goal is glaring.


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