3 Expert Tips for Using the Unit Circle

The unit circle is a massively effective and frequently used term of math. It finds its tremendous applications in trigonometry. The unit circle is such as a circle that contains the value of radius one. Math students have to solve a variety of problems regarding unit circles. They try hard to remember the unit circle values and hence adopt various techniques and tactics for it.

They solve the unit circle problems either manually or automatically. The automatic or digital approach intended to solve unit circle problems is known as the unit circle calculator.

Solving Unit Circle Problems:

The unit circle is used most commonly in our practical lives. People of different fields have to make the best use of it in various areas of their careers. For instance, the cutting of the pizza is the perfect example of it. It ensures that it cut exactly from the point of (0,0). Hence, all the slices would have the exact symmetry and angle. If you are eager for the methods of solving the unit circle problems, then the most valuable ones are given as:

  •         Unit circle formula
  •         Unit circle chart
  •         Unit circle calculator

All of these have their particular significance in solving the issues regarding the unit circle

Best Tips to Use Unit Circle:

Use Unit Circle Chart

When it comes to memorizing the unit circle values, it becomes much easier for them to find the answer quickly. Going through the most commonly used angles will help analyze and find the answer for the unit circles. The graph chart will assist in dealing with a variety of unit circle issues within no time. Let us view these commonly used angles:

  •     360°=2π
  •     180°=π
  •     90°=π/2
  •     60°=π/3
  •     45°=π/4
  •     30°=π/6

The main formula which helps in angle conversions is necessary to remember and use. It is given as:

π/180°x degrees

You can do wonders in math through quickly solving the unit circles with this formula. The chart comprises all the possible solutions to memorize and, hence, a better way to utilize the above formula and memorize a few values.

Use Unit Circle Calculator:

Find the tangent unit circle, sin unit circle, cos unit circle, and various other trigonometric functions using the unit circle calculator. This online digital approach is all time available to assist you. Take the benefit from this highly accessible, highly accurate, and convenient online calculator. All the students are not aware of this tip, and hence they end up frustrating themselves regarding solving the unit circle problems.

Unit Circle Equation:

The unit circle calculator works on the equation of the unit circle equation. It accesses the entered data based on the unit circle equation and provides the result instantly. Its equation is given as:


Indeed you can put the values in the equation mentioned above to get the accurate result within the wink of an eye. Practice as much as you can. It will assist you in becoming a master in the calculations of the unit circle. The more your practice, the more you gain.