3 DIY Ideas from Altenew for Using Washi Tapes

Washi tape is one of the essentials whenever you are thinking of any DIY craft. It is a masking tape-like tool that is extremely flexible and is available in different widths, colors, textures, and designs. When you apply it on a surface, it will not leave a sticky residue behind.

At Altenew, you will come across a wide range of colorful washi tapes that can be used in various forms of papercraft. In this blog, I will tell you 3 DIY ideas for making use of these supplies in a creative manner.

Decorate Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are generally looked upon as a mere appliance. However, you may consider enhancing its look by using washi tapes. Each blade of the fan can be decorated with a different color. The ‘Swirlies in Pink Washi Tape’ available at Altenew could be a good pick for this purpose.

Page Markers

Have you ever wondered how to make studying interesting for your kids?

Well, washi tapes offer you an opportunity to do so. Make a combination of washi tapes of different colors and paper clips. Cut them into your desired pattern and pair them with the paper clips. You can encourage your kids to try this activity so that they can learn something new and be creative.

Wall Art

This activity requires a bit of professionalism! You may use plain washi tapes of different colors and make a pattern out of them. It can either cover your entire wall or only a part of it. The walls of your living room are the best place to place such forms of artwork.

Creating a wall art requires a lot of tapes, doesn’t it? Altenew is known to have a washi tape sale on several occasions. Make sure you follow their updates regularly so that you don’t miss out on such amazing deals.

Give a Finishing Touch to DIY Ideas with Washi Tapes

After reading this blog, you might have gotten a fair idea on how to use washi tapes in your DIY projects. There are endless possibilities and variations that can be explored with them. If you are planning to start your next craft project soon, make sure that you have ‘washi tapes’ in your crafting stash.