3 Corporate Team-Building Activities You Need To Try

The workplace contains diverse personalities; some foster relationships independently, while others need help connecting with their colleagues. Since employees spend most of their day at the workplace, maintaining a positive environment is ideal for helping them thrive and increase their productivity.

As easy as it sounds, team building at the workplace can be challenging, especially when the activities trigger more eye rolls than high fives. Either way, a company looking forward to a positive culture should intentionally give their employees new experiences.

Read on for 3 corporate team-building activities you need to try.

  1. Food Tour Team Building

Turning team building into a culinary experience is ideal for bringing your employees together. The experience will satisfy the teams’ taste buds while encouraging them to bond. Some food tours you can explore include a tacos and tequila tour, a food truck tour, chocolate and wine, and a barbeque tour.

A food tour is a unique team-building activity and will demonstrate your concerns for your team. This experience is also convenient for most individuals.  Also, while you can bond with your team in an office setting, getting away from the desks and files will relieve tension and stress and enable them to focus as normal people.

Lastly, a food tour team building will help your team bond since, when full, they can sustain a conversation. This is unlike some team-building activities that could cause petty rivalries between the winning and losing teams.

  1. City Tour Team Building 

Team building tours are unique corporate team-building activities your company can try. In this experience, working with a travel company is ideal for easier navigation with the logistics. A reputable tour company will offer sightseeing, food, and drink experiences at your chosen destination. This experience will expose your team to culture and history and stir conversations that will bring them together. You can also organize stopovers while working with a tour guide for the best experience.

  1. Drink Tour Team Building

Like a food tour, a drinking tour will take your team outside the office set-up and allow them to enjoy a variety of drink options. Such a team building will take a few hours off work, during which your team can have their choice of drinks. Some drink tours for corporate team-building activities include winery, brewery, and distillery tours.

A drinking tour will allow your team access to the breweries, wineries, and distilleries. At every stop, you will get samples of the drinks in the company of a tour guide.

Benefits Of Corporate Team Building Activities

Signing your team to any of the above corporate team-building activities is beneficial for the following:

  • Shows employee appreciation
  • Builds interdepartmental bridges
  • Unlocks leadership potential
  • Improves communication and teamwork
  • Improves networking and socialization

Evaluate Your Team Building Options

Finally, while management can recommend activities for their team depending on the gaps they want to fill, reviewing your team-building activity is advisable to establish if you have met your objectives. This way, you will know whether to stick to your suggestions or consider more options.

Michael Caine

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