3 Best Ways Students Can Win the Josh Gibson MD Grant Successfully

When you plan to pursue higher studies in a top US College or university in the US but lack the funds to fund the high tuition fees, a scholarship is your best bet. You might be figuring out how to qualify for the same and find some scholarship program to realize your dream. Then, winning scholarships is not easy.

According to an article published on Forbes, less than 10 percent of the candidates manage to win scholarships in a particular year and the average amount revolves around $3,285. The chances of winning a scholarship are approximately one in eight for any candidate when it comes to a Bachelor’s program. Here are the three best tips to help you win a scholarship successfully:

  1. Take into account small scholarship rewards

Some students often disregard or avoid small scholarship amounts, usually those offering $500. Whether your receive $500 or $1000, there is no point in not accepting the same. Then, did you know that even a smaller amount adds up and helps you to pursue your college studies?

As far as smaller scholarship amounts are concerned, they help you buy textbooks, college materials, supplies, and meet other expenses without you having to pay from your pocket. Even if you can save the cost of buying books, why let go of such an opportunity. You can always win bigger amounts if you work hard and qualify for the same later. You can consider the Josh Gibson MD Grant to help you save some money and meet your education expenses to some extent.

  1. Pay heed to your interests

Do not just apply to any scholarship that read about on the internet or news. You need to focus on scholarships that matter to you, or you have an interest in a subject. For example, if you have a liking for the medical discipline, you can opt for grant programs relating to the same. Again, if like solving math problems or curious about science and technology, you can choose related scholarship programs. The Josh Gibson MD Scholarship is for needy students, who like to pursue further education in the country. You can opt for it if you are a meritorious student but do not have the money to pay exorbitant tuition fees.

There are other scholarships based on merit, grades, and skills related to art, music, drama, and things like that. If you apply for a scholarship and write an essay that you have a predilection for, the committee will show interest in reading such applications.

  1. Present your best work

Do not submit scholarship work that looks like a hasty job or completed without much thought. The committee has people, who can identify between good, well-research work and something submitted just for the sake of it. Therefore, always submit the best quality work to impress the committee members. Your goal is to win the scholarship money and not just submit a work haphazardly completed in a hurry. Read the guidelines carefully and then work on the scholarship essay.


Keep these tips in mind if you are applying for a scholarship program in the US. Even if you are getting a moderate amount, do not waste the opportunity. Focus on your essay and win the prize money.