3 Benefits of Hiring a Full-Time Remote Worker over a Freelancer

Since the pandemic, more employees prefer to work remotely. Meanwhile, businesses have become more open to operating a partially remote team. According to research, remote work has contributed to employees’ improved work-life balance and increase in productivity. A survey suggests that 90% of businesses gave outsourcing credit for their success. Currently, entrepreneurs are leveraging the teeming pool of talents that this new trend has offered. Not only that, hiring virtual assistant services has proven to be a cost-efficient option because companies don’t have to pay overhead costs. 

If you’re a business owner who is new to outsourcing, you may choose to hire a full-time remote worker or a freelancer. If you cannot decide which worker is best for your business, here are some of the benefits of hiring full-time remote workers from virtual assistant companies over freelancers.

  • Productivity & Quality of Work

Freelancers work independently. They usually specialize in certain skills and provide output-based services. While this may seem like a convenient option, especially for a startup business with limited budget, it does present certain obstacles. For instance, a freelancer typically works on several projects from different clients at any given time. This means that they cannot give their full commitment to your business. Full-time remote workers, on the other hand, will function as if they’re part of your organization. They will be more motivated to provide high-quality output and to increase your team’s productivity. Plus, if you choose Virtudesk, they monitor their virtual assistants’ productivity using a time-tracker and a screen-capturing app. 

  • Cost-Efficiency

As with any resource, you need to know that you’re getting enough bang for your buck. You want to see that investing in a remote worker can increase your business’ growth. One way to do this is to ensure that you hire someone who provides excellent work. Freelancers that offer high-quality work are often experienced. Hence, they charge more. A virtual assistant from established  virtual assistant companies such as Virtudesk are highly-trained and provide high-quality work at affordable rates. Additionally, when you opt for full-time virtual assistant services, you don’t have to handle recruitment and training. Virtudesk specializes in recruitment, training, and management of competent virtual assistants. Meanwhile, if you hire freelancers, you will have to increase your budget for recruitment and training. Vetting applicants and doing background checks are some of the tasks that Virtudesk handles for you.

  • Security

Unlike most virtual assistant companies, Virtudesk offers a unique feature called cybersecurity insurance. With this insurance, clients can feel more at ease knowing that their hired remote workers are keeping their sensitive information safe. 

Knowing the benefits of virtual assistant services, it’s reasonable to dip your toes in the outsourcing pool. If you want the commitment and productivity of a full-time remote worker but don’t have the budget for one, Virtudesk’s time-blocking hiring option is ideal for you. You can avail of Virtudesk’s impeccable virtual assistant services at an affordable rate for a specific time block that you prefer. 

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