3 Benefits of Buying an Air Conditioner from Aircon Wholesalers

Air conditioning units are necessities – especially if you live in Queensland! Aircons make our lives easier and cooler, and in hot climates like Australia, they can even prevent heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. But air conditioners themselves can be quite pricey, especially when having several fitted and installed in your home or office.

However, did you know that you could potentially save money by buying your aircon directly from an aircon wholesaler? Here are 3 other benefits you can enjoy when buying your unit directly from a supplier…

1. Enjoy Exclusive Deals from Aircon Wholesalers

When you buy air conditioners directly from your local aircon wholesalers, you are in line to benefit from exclusive deals that are not available when buying from other places. These deals are only offered to wholesale buyers, so they can save a lot on their purchases. There is less room for them to make their profit, but the savings they give you more than make up for it!

2. Save Money When Buying Multiple Units

If you intend to build or purchase an office building with multiple rooms or buildings, it makes sense for you to buy all of your units in bulk at once – especially if you manage the entire project yourself. If this is the case, then having negotiations with one wholesaler could mean significant savings when buying multiple units at once.

3. Get What You Want

Lastly, you get to choose what brand or model of air conditioning unit that you want – meaning that you don’t have to settle for the unit that is available in your local supplier’s stock room. If there are particular brands or models that are preferable to you, then why not ask if they can source it for you? Then all it will take is a phone call and the wait time before getting your new air conditioner!

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Your Needs

Before you go shopping for your air conditioner at your local aircon wholesaler, it is important to first assess what kind of climate you are living in. If you are experiencing very cold weather, then the best option for you would be to install an evaporative cooler. However, if hot dry winds are already hindering your comfort, then opting for a reverse cycle or split system would serve better.

Whatever type of air con that you have in mind, always remember that installation is just as crucial as choosing the right unit itself. Since working with electricity can be quite dangerous without proper knowledge and training, do not try installing these yourself especially if they are powerful enough to cool down an entire house! 

Types of Air Conditioners Available

Evaporative coolers: These are ideal for hot and dry climates. They work by sucking the warm air in the room, cooling it down with water and sending it back into the room as a cold breeze. This type of unit is not very effective during humid days, but since humidity is rare in areas like Queensland, they make efficient units without too much running costs

Reverse cycle or split system: Reverse cycle or split systems do what their names say: they reverse the flow of electricity. By doing so, it can create an artificial winter within your home – making your air conditioner one powerful machine! This makes them more expensive to run, but considering that their running cost is still lower than most heat pumps, you will not have to worry about spending too much.

Heat pumps: Heat pumps are the most efficient units to buy, especially for those living in areas with cold winters and hot summers. The secret behind this type of technology is that it can draw heat from the cooler air outside and transfer it inside your home as a cool breeze! This makes them more expensive than other types of air conditioners, but you will be able to reduce your electricity bills significantly throughout the year.

Purchase Your Aircon from HVAC Parts and Accessories

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