3 Amazing Websites to Download Free PowerPoint Templates

Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation yourself is tedious, especially when you’re busy. And, the thought of your presentation the next day will push you into uneasy feelings. To address this issue and save time and effort, we have curated a list of websites that offer free PowerPoint templates that will earn extra points for you.

As an entrepreneur, investor, HR, CEO, or any other position you might hold, a professionally designed template will help you impress your target audience. With that said, SlideEgg, the top of all, constantly strives to present templates with the right fonts, colors, and cohesive style, ensuring that your presentation is up to par with your content!

Take a moment to read about the top 3 websites that provide free PowerPoint templates, thus making your work easy and your presentation experience super suitable.


Of all websites in the market, SlideEgg is recommended as the first go-to site when it comes to free PowerPoint templates. It has millions of PowerPoint templates at affordable cost in the PPT world. Concerning free templates, they are leading the industry with over 15000+ Professional Free PowerPoint Templates that are fully editable.

Reaching over 1 million subscribers worldwide recently, SlideEgg is committed to providing free PPT templates. Also, they have a premium redesign service for a cost-effective price with the fastest turnaround time in the market. Moreover, as a free user, you can download 15 downloads per day. Oh, that’s really huge!


1. 100% editable slides
2. 15 downloads per day
3. Tons of PPT templates
4. 15000+ free templates
5. Cost-effective Redesign service in the industry

1. The interface is user-friendly.
2. Eye-catching and professional PPT Templates with fully editable features.
3. 15 free downloads per day for a free user. No platform has this.
4. 500+ categories, and you’ll find every topic.
5. “How-To” slides for you to learn PPT and clarify doubts concerning the same.
6. Subscription plans are affordable compared to competitors.
7. No ads. No attribution is required.

2. Slides Carnival

Another platform that provides a great variety of professional PowerPoint templates is Slides Carnival. The templates are completely free and come with a fully editable feature, the most expected one by any PPT user. Though they are under the Creative Commons Attribution License, you have the freedom to customize your way.

They have a well-designed interface of the website that helps the users with a lot of filters to find their wanted templates. Slides Carnival is one of the best options if you have the content and need only a slide deck.


1. The templates are entirely free for every user.
2. They have the easy filter option to make your work easy when searching templates.
3. Every template has an accurate description and explanation of the features.
4. Downloading free templates is very easy, with no registration option.

The templates are simple in terms of design, whereas SlideEgg offers attractive designs for an affordable price.

3. Slidego

We can never ignore Slidesgo when speaking about PowerPoint templates. They have a lot of eye-catching, attractive, and high-quality PowerPoint templates. You will be impressed upon visiting their website as they have slide decks on every topic, such as Education, Business, Marketing, Medical, etc.

Though they have limited free downloads, the templates will enhance your presentation experience. If you want to enjoy the full benefits of Slidesgo, you can choose their premium plan. Get to the site and check out their templates to explore yourself.


1. Tons of high-quality PowerPoint templates for free download.
2. Lots of topics are being covered.
3. A smart preview and share option is available for every template.
4. There are tutorial videos to study PowerPoint.
5. Contributor programs are available. 

1. You need to give attribution for templates you use.
2. Less number of free downloads. Compared to SlideEgg, which provides 15 free  templates a day, Slidesgo offers minimal downloads. Only 10 templates per month.

Choose The Best For Your Presentation Aids

Out there, ample platforms are available where you can get free PowerPoint templates. However, we have highlighted only three sites that we feel are the need of the hour and the best suitable for all kinds of people. Now, the ball is in your court. You have to kick to be successful, thus impressing your audience, and ace that assignment or land your next client.

SlideEgg, we feel, is one of the most beneficial sites with a variety of features. Anyway, we will be glad to receive comments on your go-to site for presentation needs.

Wishing you the best in your upcoming presentation!