2G Energy – Sustainable and Money Saving: 2G’s cost-effective CHPs for your business

Reducing your costs, without cutting any corners on quality, is an important part of budget management within any business.

How different companies achieve this varies, but one way of savings on your costs is to explore CHPs.

This article will look at how 2G’s CHPs can reduce your costs and avoid contributing negatively to the environment.

What is 2G’s CHP?

CHP is an acronym for Combined Heat and Power. The purpose of CHP is to make energy production a more efficient process.

When using fuel sources to create power, typically electricity, there is often a degree of waste that more traditional devices can’t utilise. Fortunately, this is no longer a concern as 2G’s CHP makes the most of the heat generated by converting it into thermal energy.

Thanks to 2G’s innovative research, the global bid to reach net zero is in sight. Transforming CHPs by using green hydrogen makes the process net-zero.

Rather than a centralised power system, CHP is decentralised, meaning your source of power is not necessarily dependant on supply from elsewhere.

How do 2G’s CHPs save money?

When organisations consider the pros and cons of renewable energy, the initial capital spent on implementing renewable technology might be cited as a consideration.

However, this needn’t be a concern. In the long term, 2G’s CHP is likely to save your company money thanks to its efficient output and waste-free design.

Utilising more of the heat that has been generated from the process of exchanging CHP saves your organisation from using further energy down the line, likely saving on your expenditure and is viewed as one of the advantages of renewable energy.

When a fuel source is unused at a power plant and, as such, deemed waste, it is viewed as inefficient. This wasted and potentially harmful fuel would then be released into the environment.

Yet 2G has a solution; levels of efficiency can reach 98% when using their CHPs. Compare this to up to a 45% degree of efficiency at a large power plant and you’ll see why so many businesses now view CHPs, like those supplied by 2G, as the way forward.

Error detection and other CHP benefits

Not only this, but 2G’s I.R.I.S technology, which predicts irregularities in a CHP system prior to them even happening, will save you time, money, and effort on maintenance.

When you consider that problems with machinery and related devices can cause organisations to sacrifice 3% of their entire working time in UK manufacturing industries, you’ll want to prevent such problems from arising in your CHP system at all, which is where 2G can help.

The environmental concerns associated with more traditional forms of energy supply are a hot topic at the moment, and for good reason.

Being safe in the knowledge that your CHP system is not only saving your company money but also steering clear of adding to dangerous business practices that harms the planet is wonderful for producers, consumers, and the wider public.

Explore the 2G website for all the key information on our CHPs and to find out what the other advantages of renewable energy like this are.


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