2Children book illustrator

Here is your guide to choose and work with a children’s book illustrator. If you have decided to write a children’s book and get it self-published, choosing a right illustrator is one of the most important tasks. Illustrations actually are one of the deciding factors on the success of your book. The quality of the illustration can make or break your book sales destiny. If your book is chosen and getting published traditionally, you don’t have much freedom in deciding on the look and feel of your characters and illustrations. But if you are self-publishing, it is really important that you make a list of your preferences clearly before hiring an illustrator. 

Choose a “style” for your book

Based on your story kind, do your research and look at various picture books on the internet so that you are able to make up your mind the kind of look you want for your book.  You may like to visit a few bookstores to have an idea and understand your preferences and ideas. The illustrations could vary from comical, to whimsical or semi realistic and realistic in style. It actually depends a lot on your story line. A fantasy story may look better in a different style while a book on bullying in school would require a different style. If you think you are quite new to this and do not have much experience or preference to make a choice, it’s advisable to choose an experienced Illustration Agency who will have professional Art Director’s to help you make a choice rather than hiring a freelance illustrator.

Your search for an illustrator

With the internet, it has become a lot easier to look for Best Children Book Editing Services. You will be overwhelmed with the search results, but everything you find will not be suitable for your book. Rather than sharing your manuscript with many and spending your time, effort and money getting and checking the illustrations they would do for you, it’s again important that you make your list with the pros and cons first and then finalize one for your book. A few important things you must check before hiring are:

  • Your budget: Self-Publishing requires some investment for a lot of services, like illustrations, editing, cover designing, book designing, ISBN. You may want to keep some budget for book marketing as well. So, it is important that you plan accordingly and not finish your budget only for illustrations. You can find a good decent illustrator within a budget of $65-$85 per illustration.
  • Illustrator’s portfolio: Don’t go for a new illustrator who may promise that he is capable of doing amazing work. Check their past work and let it do the talking
  • Experience: It really counts. Check the books illustrated by them which are selling on Amazon and it would give you a fair idea and that the illustrator knows his job and he will be able to help you.
  • Contract: You may save money if hiring an amateur from some freelance gig website, but you can never be sure of the consequences from there. Rather than hiring a newbie from some freelance work website, it’s always better to hire an established illustrator and get a contract signed to keep your manuscript safe and ensure you get copyright free original artwork.
  • Reviews: Ask for testimonials of the other authors for whom the illustrator has worked. It’s best to know directly from the horse’s mouth.

Illustration Agency: Go for a Best Self  Book Publishing Agency especially if you are new. They will get you the right guidance from their experienced art director and other team members. You can also get multiple services at one place which will be really handy to get your book up and selling in the market without getting stressed to learn about the complete process of self-publishing. Gain from their experience and self-publish hassle free.