28-Year Old Entrepreneur Andy Jang Tells Us WhyPay-Per-Lead Model Is The Best Way To Scale YourMarketing Agency

As a marketing veteran of almost 6 years, Andy Jang is a big fan of the pay-per-lead model
when it comes to running your marketing agency. It is one of the fastest way to grow your
digital marketing agency because it keeps everything simple if done right. He got into sales &
marketing as early as 19 years old but has been in the digital marketing space since he was
23-years old.

Andy is currently running Injury Leads as Founder & CEO that offers qualified leads as a
monthly subscription business model that has allowed him to quickly scale to multiple 6-
figures. He believes his company will be on track for 7-figures by the end of 2021. One of the
most fascinating things about Andy is that he was able to achieve this using absolutely no
credit cards, no debt, and no other financial assistance but just selling his service to the right

One of the main reasons why most self-employed marketers suffer is because they spend way
too much time offering too many services. This results in a division of focus, lack of scale, as
well as investing too much time in the wrong things.
When Andy started out as CEO of his first company Eclektic Marketing, he was offering

website creation, SEO, social media management, paid ads, and even consulting services. He
was having a hard time scaling his company which meant less money in his pocket but more
time being invested into each client.

With a pay-per-lead business model, agency owners can focus on a specific industry and offer
the same service to multiple people in that industry. This results in a perfect vertical integration
scenario with the opportunity for higher margins. Not only that, you can perfect your craft in a
shorter period of time which means that client retention will be even higher as you deliver a
higher level of quality service. In addition to, clients only pay for results which means sales will
be easier as there is a higher level of trust with a performance guarantee.
So whether you’re selling life insurance services or offering marketing services to the
healthcare industry, shifting your agency into a pay-per-lead business model might not be a
bad idea as many business owners are uncertain about spending money on advertising during
the pandemic.

To learn more about Andy, follow him on his journey on Instagram @theandyjang