Antioxidant food is necessary in your diet, these foods protect us from the free radicals produced during the breakdown of food by the oxidation process. This oxygen causes the free radical in our bodies due to the metabolism of oxygen. The free radicals can gain electrons from molecules, this can damage your DNA and cell membrane. Necessary In Your Diet The free radicals may also cause heart disease and cancer disease in your body. To avoid this oxidation process, antioxidant food is essential to protect your body from the fatal consequences of the oxidation process.

In this article, we are discussing the benefits of antioxidant food, how they are beneficial for our health.

Sources of antioxidant foods:
The main sources of antioxidant foods are fruit and vegetables, as well as dry fruits like nuts, whole grain, and some forms of meat like poultry and fish. The Acai berries are South American “SuperFruit”, they are native to the region. Research has shown the Acai berries are loaded with antioxidant nutrients and neutralize the effect of the free radicals. You can purchase organic acai for sale from an online source. You can eat organic acai in any form, as organic acai is available in many forms, you can drink organic acai juice or eat the pulp of the berries.

Health benefits of eating antioxidant foods:
Your body needs to eat antioxidant food, it protects us from major diseases like heart attack and cancer. Otherwise free radicals may alter the composition of the cells and damage DNA structure. This condition is suitable for the development of cancer in our body. A diet high in the component composition of the antioxidants food may reduce the risk of such diseases. The antioxidant foods scavenge free radicals and reduce the chance of damage to the cells caused by the free radicals.

The real-time examples:
The impact of antioxidant foods is proven and studied around the world. Research has shown that men who usually eat plenty of tomatoes full of lycopene may reduce the chances of developing prostate cancer as compared to the men who eat fewer tomatoes. The Lutein found in Spinach and corn is associated with the health of the eye lens in our eyes. People, eat less spinach may likely develop the degeneration of the eye lens in their elderly age.

Flavonoids found in green tea, research has shown it reduces the chances of heart disease, Chinese people believe the Green tea reduces the chances of heart disease, so they have made it their common hot drink. The proper amount of antioxidant foods are essential in our food, to live a healthy life. These foods are not only necessary to fulfill your nutritional requirements, but it also boosts and works along with your immune system and protects you from fatal diseases.