23-year-old Nitish Behl Is The Next Big Thing In The Digital Marketing Field

Think about all the starter ideas that youngsters have had yet they have not been able to implement them in real life because of the lack of motivation, innovation and research knowledge. Do you want to know about the professional digital marketer Nitish Behl who has been in the business for the longest time now? You sure are about to go through some mind blowing facts that are usually hard to believe for people who have not seen it in practice. However, this is exactly the reason why a Facebook link has been provided right at the end of this article for those who would want to have a look for themselves.

Nitish Behl is a young 23 year old man who has been into computer engineering, quite common, right? Why would that be uncommon, almost 20% of the population has successfully passed their engineering examinations and aspire to be future engineers with potential dreams. but do you have any idea about the job situation? It is not just the pandemic, it is the entire country as a whole that lacks job opportunities for rising entrepreneurs who will uphold the pillars of India in the future. Because of this wide section of population that has been derived, Nitish Behl decided to open his own company.

No jobs for digital marketers? No problem, we will make our own, said Nitish Behl when he was only about 20 years of age. JMD digital Inc was the direct outcome of his idea. The basic idea was to come up with a company that serves all the needs of the people, beginning from the social media platforms that most people take their business to. 

Besides having a proper idea for his company, Nitish Behl also has the required qualities to uphold the business everyday and serve all his clients professionally. Obviously, his computer engineering has done him great justice, but still he strives to learn the different computer languages that come up every year. Obviously, the syllabus consists of only the present commonly used programming. But what about Python? What about the innovative programming languages that are still being developed till date that make our task not only easy but also updated? Now you know why digital marketing is not a piece of cake. Nitish Behl knows Java, C++, PHP and other technological information. This is meant for both personal growth and development and also for being more updated with the present world. Who knows, one of his strategies might come into the use of a client.If there is anything that years of experience has taught him, it’s to be consistent. The ₹20,000 that he earned in 10th grade is not maintained, rather it has increased more than three folds. The goal should be the better version of oneself and to provide better services than competitors. With such ideologies and morals, Nitish Behl has been stable in his business, earning followers in his Facebook page along with potential clients.