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Android Data Recovery of 2023 – FonePaw Android Data Recovery Losing data would be a very disappointing situation, especially when we have to use our mobile phones for keeping all kinds of important messages, photos, media files, data, and so on. If you also encounter a problem when you lose important data on your Android and want to recover it now, this article would bring great help.

Today, this review will give you a very detailed introduction on a powerful software, it, which can help you recover 100+ types of data on Android devices within just seconds. Now you can take a look if you are interested in it.


What Is FonePaw Android Data Recovery?

Key Features of FonePaw Android Data Recovery

How to Recovery Data on Android Using FonePaw Android Data Recovery

Pricing Plans

What Is FonePaw Android Data Recovery?

Instead of being an app for Android, FonePaw is developed for Windows and Mac systems, helping users to process data recovery for their Android devices on computers stably.

As it is a powerful software, it works to deal with data loss happened under almost all scenarios in daily life. For example, when you delete data by accident; meet any SD card issues and lose important data from it; the device is broken; system crashes; or the mobile phone is under virus attacks, and so on, the software can help you retrieve them back again easily. Also, with 3 recovery modes and very fast device scanning speed provided, the recovering success rate and efficiency can be really high.

Key Features of FonePaw Android Data Recovery

To make its Android data recovering function more professional and helpful, it will bring the following benefits, helping you to have better experience in recovering Android data. Now, also have a look.

Provide 3 Recovery Modes

To make sure that the software can detect more files and recover them with a higher success rate, it has provided 3 modes to select as you need. You can scan the device’s internal memory, SD card, and even SIM card to find out the data or files you need to recover very quickly.

Allow to Recover Data Partially

A special feature offered by it should be its partial recovery function. When many other software forces users to recover all complete data on the device, it lets you selectively choose the files you want to recover based on your needs. So instead of wasting time recovering all Android data at once, just select those you need to get back and save time.

Support 100+ Types of Files

The powerful Android data recovering function provided by the software can support detecting 100+ types of file formats. Which cover almost all data on Android devices. So no matter if you lose any data, including text messages, photos, videos, documents, or any other information, you can use it to get it back again.

Quick & Deep Scan Options

It also offers the smart scanning modes for you to select. If you want to completely scan through your Android device to retrieve as much data you want, then the deep scan option will help. Instead, some of you may just want to complete the scanning in a much quicker way (deep scan would take more time to process), the quick scan mode is better for you to choose.

User-friendly UI

Recovering data on Android has been a very simple thing because it has made the process to be easy enough. Its clear and user-friendly UI helps every user easily know how to operate the software and just begin to process data recovery immediately. The whole recovery will finish just within several clicks.

How to Recovery Data on Android Using FonePaw Android Data Recovery

As mentioned, it is a very easy-to-use software, which only needs several easy steps to finish it process quickly. Now, you can follow the tutorial below to learn how to operate the software and recover data on Android easily.

Step 1. Install FonePaw Android Data Recovery and Connect with Android

Once getting the installation file of it on your computer, double-click on it and then follow the instructions to complete installing the software. Then open it and also use a USB cable to connect your Android to the computer to let the software detect your device.

Tip: Turn on USB Debugging on Android

If you are the first time using it, you need to turn on USB debugging to let the software detect and scan your device. Here are the ways to turn it on using different Android devices.

On Android 6.0 or Newer: Go to “Settings” and find “Developer Options”, in which you can turn on the “USB Debugging” option. (If you can’t find it, open “About Phone” and check the build number of your phone in “Software information”. Tap 7 times on it and you will see the option appearing).

On Android 4.2 to 5.2: You will need to go to “About Phone” in “Settings” to tap “Build number” for 7 times first. Then go back to “Settings” and find “Developer options” to turn on “USB Debugging”.

On Android 3.0 to 4.1: Directly go to “Developer Options” in “Settings” and find “USB Debugging” to turn it on.

On Android 2.3 or Earlier: Open “Settings” and scroll down to “Applications”. By selecting “Unknown sources” and go to “Development”, the “USB Debugging” option can turn on.

Step 2. Scan Android and Choose File Types to Recover

When your Android device is well connected with it, all the file types that are provided to select to recover will list. Just choose those you want to recover data from.

Step 3. Allow FonePaw to Access Your Android

Before the software starts scanning your Android device, you will be asked to install FonePaw app on it first. Just complete the installation and allow it to access your data on the device.

Also, on the computer, you need to click “Scan Authorized Files” to make sure the device scanning can be successfully processed.

Step 4. Start Scanning Files

Now, it will begin to scan the files for you. If your Android device is not rooted, the fast scan will process. If you have rooted it and want to recover more deleted files or data. You can click “Deep Scan” to start the device scanning, but it will take longer time.

Step 5. Recover Data on Android

Finally, once all the files and data are listed. You just need to choose those you want to recover on Android. By clicking “Recover” and they will be brought back to your Android device once again.

Pricing Plans

Some of you may want to ask whether it if free to recover Android data?

Actually, it is not a free software. Althought it offers free trial for you to try the basic functions, you will need a subscription to further use its data recovery feature. At present, the software provides different plans for choosing, based on how long you need to use the software. The cheapest one will just start at USD 34.96/month.

Url: fonepaw-android-data-recovery-plans

Alt: FonePaw Android Data Recovery Plans

In Conclusion

It is a reliable and efficient software you can trust when lose data on Android unexpectedly. Just by several easy steps, you can get them back again! From safety to recovery performance, it can meet your needs!