2022’s Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 13/13 Pro

A screen protector can be the difference between your phone looking brand new or covered in scratches and scrapes after even just one month of use. While many people think that plastic film screen protectors are all the same, the type of protector you choose can make all the difference in how long your iPhone looks good as new. Read on to find out which is the best iPhone screen protector for iPhone 13/13 Pro, according to 2022 and other sources.

How to protect your phone’s screen

We’re all aware that smartphones don’t come cheap. From their expensive parts to their cutting-edge screen displays, every part of your phone costs a ton of money. And while we’re willing to pay a little extra up front to get a nicer phone, it’s important not to shortchange yourself when it comes to protecting your investment. A quality screen protector is an inexpensive way to protect your screen from scratches and cracking—two things that could leave you with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements if they happen on accident.

Why do we need a screen protector?

Most people believe they don’t need a screen protector because they’re good with their hands, and there are so many out there that sell you on how scratch-proof and fingerprint-proof their particular screen protector is. But few realize how vulnerable your screen is to damage without one. Every day, people drop their phone or screen their phone against something like a wall, table or another object.

How to use a screen protector?

The screen protector should stick to your screen using static electricity. If it does not, try turning off any nearby electronics that may be emitting magnetic waves, like a television or microwave. You can also use a cleaning cloth or tissue to wipe off any dust particles on your phone’s screen before applying your screen protector. If you notice any bubbles underneath your protector, you can use a credit card or similar item to gently push them out toward the edges of your phone’s screen. We do not recommend attempting to take off a new screen protector—especially if it is still in its packaging—to replace with another one after application as they can become damaged easily and affect performance during application. No need to panic though!

How to choose a screen protector?

Don’t use a screen protector? That’s fine—it’s your device, and your decision. If you do choose to use, it’s important to take some time to consider which one is right for you. Do you want a basic plastic guard that absorbs impact and keeps your phone free of scratches? An anti-glare cover that helps reduce reflection on shiny screens? A tempered glass shield that offers protection from everyday wear and tear? There are many styles of screen protectors available so it’s important to research not only their benefits but also any potential problems they might have. For example, some screen protectors are said to scratch easily while others tend to block light and make reading difficult.

How to Clean Your Phone Without Damaging the Protector

The first thing to note is that it’s important to clean your phone without damaging the screen protector. You wouldn’t want all your work putting the protector on to be undone in one cleaning session. The best way to do that is not to use any cleaning liquids. Instead, take a clean microfiber cloth and lightly rub the screen in a circular motion. This will remove any dirt or grime from the phone itself and stop it from entering gaps around the edges of the protector which can cause bubbles.

Common Incorrect Usage Habits for Protecting Phones. There are a lot of common incorrect usage habits for protecting phones. One thing to look out for is putting too much faith in your screen protector—if you drop your phone and it lands face-down, chances are that your screen will crack regardless of whether or not you have one. A screen protector is meant to protect against minor scratches, scuffs, and cracks. It’s not designed to protect against major impacts like dropping your phone while it’s facing down on concrete. If you want a protective case as well as a screen protector, go with an all-in-one case and frame.