2022 New York International Screenplay Award Winners

NYISA Founder, Emine Dursun

The 7th Annual New York International Screenplay Awards (NYISA) 2022 Ceremony and Filmmakers Cocktail Party was held May 10, 2022. This year’s winners were celebrated with the much-coveted NYISA trophy on stage as they gave speeches to recount their successful journey and to inspire the other screenwriters in the audience to never give up. The event kicked off with a warm welcome and thank you from founder Emine Dursun. She highlighted the importance of the event returning in 2022 and the high interest, demonstrated by entries from 26 countries.

Since its inception, NYISA’s purpose has been to facilitate an international screenplay competition for screenwriters who aspire to connect with influencers in the US entertainment industry and explore the US markets. NYISA was founded by Emine Dursun in 2015, a Sundance-Alumus and New York-based Screenwriter, Script Doctor, and Creative Writing Teacher. Over the past seven years the organization has fostered talent that has gone on successfully write for projects on stage, television and film. Organizations such as these are invaluable to the community. They bring new talent to the forefront and help to advance the careers of aspiring screenwriters from around the world.

This year’s award winners included:

NYISA2022 Best Feature Screenplay Award Winners

1st Place Gold Winner “The Ampersand Inn” by C.J. Arellano, USA

2nd Place Silver Winner “Idle Speed” by Alex Gehrlein, USA

3rd Place Bronze Winner “Under the Shadow” by Jim Wurst, USA

NYISA2022 Best TV Pilot Screenplay Award Winners

1st Place Gold Winner “Wisenheimer” by James Beaman, USA
2nd Place Silver Winner “Bad Influence” by Tim Daly, USA
3rd Place Bronze Winner “Darkest Kelly” by Catarina César, Portugal

NYISA2022 Best Short Screenplay Award Winners

1st Place Gold Winner “Quiet On Set” by Natasha Luttjeboer, South Africa
2nd Place Silver Winner “Slip Away” by Julia Maddox, USA
3rd Place Bronze Winner “Blackout” by Jeffrey Christian Rivera, USA

NYISA’s valued jury members are industry professionals such as Producers, Script Doctors, Directors, Actors, and Screenwriters.  This year’s jury members included Michael Matasci, Dakota Reinike, Christopher Ortiz, Fred Ireland, Emine Dursun, Gregory Davies, Victoria Britton, Vilajkumar Mirchandani, Taylor Re Lynn, Eric White, Samantha Merrick, Victoria Prima, Jennifer Phillips, Efsane Karayilanoglu Toka, and Maureen Dowdell.

The event also featured live jazz by the Daniel Stein Trio. The lively music kept the crowd entertained and the mood festive throughout the event.

Sponsor for the NYISA 2022:
The sponsor for the event included
highly experienced vendors in the industry such as InkTip Magazine, Script Mailer, Final Draft, CreatersVault, Script Reader Pro and UpLift Script.

Cultured Focus Magazine: Event Sponsor NYISA

Cultured Focus Magazine was the event sponsor for the 2022 NYISA event.  Cultured Focus is an American entertainment news magazine that provides the latest trending news in arts and culture.
The aim of the magazine is to celebrate the arts and provide a platform to highlight the unique beauty and diversity of cultures from around the world. The magazine founder, Taylor Re Lynn, spoke to attendees on the dearth of opportunities in key leadership roles for diverse members of the entertainment industry in front and behind the camera. She also spoke about the importance of everyone having an opportunity to share their unique stories and bring those to life.

Attendees were provided with Cultured Focus branded writing journals and note cards to foster their creative spirit.


The New York International Screenplay Awards is a global screenplay competition for screenwriters who aspire to connect with influencers in the American entertainment industry. NYISA 2022 winners are connected to the US film industry members via InkTip Magazine and Script Mailer. Screenwriters get access to free screenwriting software by Final Draft and have the opportunity to be registered for free at CreatersVault. Free screenwriting courses from Script Reader Pro, in-depth script analysis, a half-hour follow-up phone call, and an e-book, “Common Screenwriting Mistakes.” Additional services are available with UpLift Script… and much more!

For more on NYISA, visit www.nyisa.com

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