2021’s Greatest Website Design Trends to Watch Out for

With the changing times, websites have evolved considerably. In 2021, there has been a significant shift in how websites deliver a user experience to the online audience.

Two of the most important factors that define a website’s effectiveness include user experience and creative output. The success or failure of any website is solely dependent on how attractive it is in the eyes of the audience. In the year 2021, several changes in the websites have helped brands to create a long-lasting impact. So let’s jump right into the mix and bring to you outstanding aspects that can give your website an alluring appearance:

  1. Typography

Typography is gaining popularity, especially at a time when there are so many browsers and devices throughout the world. Within a year or so, many new fonts have emerged, some of which are not even heard of. In the old days, website developers only focused on using Serif fonts. However, today the choices are endless for Web Design Company in UK. More or less 650,000 various fonts are available online and it is more than a hectic task even for a website development company in UK to choose one for a modern-day website.

  • Minimalistic Design

The buzzword, the minimalistic approach is not anything new by any means. However, it has got the attention of people throughout the world. One of the biggest reasons to use such design is because it lives up to the hype of using minimal resources including colour palette, empty space, and shapes. Due to its aesthetic approach in the world of designing, it stands as one of the popular website trends to be followed in 2021. When a user visits a minimalist website, he/she is mesmerized by the simplicity of outlook. However, being simplistic does not mean it does not have bold backgrounds.

  • Parallax Animation

Just like a minimalistic website, parallax also falls in the category of modern-day design. But it is not anything new, it is just another creative way to display appealing animation or photos to attract the audience. But the website developers should be aware that the text on the parallax should not overshadow the rest of the content displayed on the website. The animation featured within the website’s parallax must not be over the top so it distracts the visitor to view the rest of the content available on the website.

  • Dark Mode

Darker versions of any website are the new norm in today’s day and age, and it is something that has gained a significant boost in the year 2021. One of the biggest advantages of dark modes is to give visitors’ eyes relaxation. Furthermore, it can also help significantly save battery considerably. People believe that dark mode is something new, while actually, it is not. Three decades earlier the same phenomenon was a major flop. But with improvement on the website dark mode combined with other bespoke features, to give an outstanding appearance.


Here are the top 4 trends for the greatest website designs in 2021 that has got the attention of everyone. Website Deviser UK is a one-stop website design and development agency in UK. People look forward to the above-mentioned designed trends, and we are the ones that get them connected.


Amy Jackson works as an advertising specialist at web design and development agency, she is an inspired writer who loves to share her experiences using lovely words. Her passion for writing has made her produce numerous articles on design, SEO, digital marketing and business. You can also follow the author on Twitter

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