A beautiful insight on transition of music lifestyle in the past 20 years by Kapil Srivastava (Founder of Guitarmonk, India’s Largest Chain of Guitar Schools)

Thank you for such beautiful words. I think we have just started and there is long way to go. There are so many beautiful ideas in my mind, which are yet to come to reality.

During my growing up years, in the 90’s, it is only through radio transistors and televisions that we can listen or watch music at home. Until Audio Cassettes and then CDs came into fashion that most students like me would save up part of our pocket money so we can buy our own CD tapes and have the privilege of listening to them at the comfort of our own homes. We used to count and feel proud of our personal music library and were always excited to add something to it.

In the past, music was a privilege and luxury. But through development of technology, everybody now has an access to music anytime, anywhere on their fingers absolutely free of cost.

Technology has changed the way we experience music.Now, a simple mobile phone becomes an unlimited music shop, where one can be treated to a grand selection of digital songs, online radios, mobile music appsand a lot more.This unlocked a wide dimension in establishing music entertainment as well as music education and its valuable impact on every human being.

Just like what Oscar-winning composer, AR Rahman regards that if children wants to learn music, they should have access to proper music education. Technology has provided several tools for a better music education in various ways of softwares, recording, performance etc. All these things we can easily avail today without any extra cost. It has helped us to integrate all components of music education easily, which was too expensive before. It is only through technology Guitarmonk is able to empower thousands of students and teachers worldwide.

We are reaching masses by eliminating the limitations and breaking the boundary of orthodox and conservative music education system. Stability is one of such factors which are very important formusic professionals. There are millions of guitar teachers, institutes and players in world but most of them are struggling. It is because; we failed to devise the model that can help hundreds and thousands of established music professionalsto achieve stability as enjoyed by other commercial professions. And we think that Guitarmonk has the potential to serve this model to the masses and we are headed in same direction.

Definitely and we are working in the same direction.

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