20 Different Types of Curtains You Should Know

The curtain completes the look of your room. Finding the right curtain can dramatically affect your room and its look. There are many types of curtains available in many varieties. This post is for those who have struggled to find the right curtains for their home or window.

Today you will find the best curtain for you. Here are 20 different types of curtains. You should know which one is better for your interior or exterior.

Types of Curtains Are Based On Hanging Style

If you are confused, which type of curtains are based on the hanging style? So, there are several varieties of curtains Dubai that are based on hanging styles for the home that combine practicality with stunning aesthetics.

1. Single Panel Curtains

You can choose Single-panel Curtains. These types of curtains have only single-panel features. Single-panel curtains are used to cover the entire space of the window. Its design is classic but simple.


Single-panel curtains create better movement and add more flow to the place.

2. Panel Pair Curtains

Panel pair curtains are two separate panels. Its style is traditional and modern. You can install these panel pairs on both sides of the window. To close these panel pair curtains, pull both panels together.


These panel pair curtains provide more privacy than single panel pairs. These panels provide a richer and more uniform look from the outside.

3. Valance Curtains

A valance curtain is a short curtain by its length. These curtains hang on top of your window. These types of curtains have optional decorative additions. Valance curtains are a great idea to complete the look of your window. If you don’t want to hang a full curtain on your window, valence curtains are a good option for you.


Valance curtains are used to give storage to the interior. These curtains add softness, color, and pattern. Valance curtains are a great idea for decorating the room.

4. Window Scarf Curtains

Window scarf curtains are the same as valence curtains. These types of curtains contain long and thin fabric pieces suspended from the top of the window.


A window scarf is used to add softness and visible interest to the window.

5. Curtain Liner

A curtain liner is used to give the curtains more versatility. Adding a sheer to a curtain liner is a perfect combination.


Curtain liners boost opacity and provide more privacy. These curtains provide a richer and more uniform look from the outside.

6. Window Treatment Set Curtains

A window treatment set contains just what you need to make a complete window treatment. Almost always, a window treatment set comprises one or two curtains and a border. Some window sets also contain accessories such as tiebacks and a curtain rod.


When it is hot outside, your window treatment will seek to maintain heat from getting inside, and when it is cold outside, the heat from your house will be held inside it.

7. Window Tier Curtains

Window tier curtains are window treatments that hang from the top to the bottom of your window. These curtains can be manufactured with a single panel or several panels hung in tiers.


Window-tier curtains are mostly used in the kitchen and anywhere. A single-tier curtain covers your entire window from top to bottom if you want privacy while also allowing light into the room.

Types of Curtains Based On Obscurity

Now we are talking about those curtains which are based on obscurity. These curtains have some special features which help you give privacy, reduce noise, and also control the light coming from outside.

8. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains, also called sheers, are lightweight materials that cover your windows, reduce the amount of light in your house, and instantly add beauty to your interior décor.


They are ideal for filtering sunlight through windows. They provide your rooms with more privacy during the day. Sheer adds softness, texture, and movement.

9. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are typical drapes constructed of a double-lined, tightly woven cloth. Blackout curtains block out light totally. Light only enters a room with blackout curtains through gaps surrounding the window. See different range of best blackout curtains.


Blackout curtains block more light. Even these curtains block out street lights. Blackout curtains help those who are night workers. Usually, these curtains reduce the noise that comes from outside the room.

10. Semi-Opaque Curtains

Semi-opaque curtains are a combination of sheers and blackout curtains. These curtains provide more privacy than sheers.


These curtains allow a negligible amount of light to enter even when they are closed, but not like sheer curtains.

Types of Curtains That Are Based On Material

Now it’s time to talk about those curtains which are made of materials like cotton, linen, silk velvet, and many more.

11. Cotton Type Curtains

Cotton fabric curtains are a brilliant choice. It is a really strong fabric that looks great in your window, soft and blowy. You can see cotton curtains in many other styles. Cotton fabric is also mixed with other fabrics, which will produce a hard-wearing fabric.


These curtains are durable/strong, and inexpensive. Cotton curtains are easy to clean.

12. Linen Type Curtains

Linen curtains are heavier than cotton fabric curtains. This type of curtain is more difficult to wash than cotton-type curtains. Linen fabric acts as a magnet for dust. These curtains are not always simple; they come in a variety of different textures, patterns, and styles.


Linen-type curtains are calm and neutral. They can handle the heat and can match everything.

13. Silk Type Curtains

As silk curtains are based on material, they are fancy and stylish. These are the same as semi-sheer curtains. Slik is difficult to clean and needs professional help.


Silk-type curtains let in lots of light, entering from inside the room. Light entering depends on the thickness of the silk curtain.

14. Velvet Type Curtains

Velvet fabric is a good choice for curtains, especially when you want to give an expensive and graceful look. These curtains are a popular choice for a bedroom for light-sensitive sleepers. Velvet fabric is difficult to clean.


Velvet curtains are made of heavy materials and reduce outside noise. This material is best for privacy.

15. Synthetic Type Curtains

Synthetic materials have gained popularity for curtain fabrication, such as nylon, rayon, and versatile fabrics.


Synthetic-type curtains are affordable and easy to clean. They are not very expensive and are cheaper than other types of fabric.

16. Burlap Curtains

The appearance of burlap curtains is the same as linen-type curtains. But the weight of burlap curtains is much heavier than linen. The fabric of the burlap is casual and plain.


Burlap curtains provide great privacy and minimal light or no light when you close the window. These types of curtains are easy to clean and maintain.

17. Lace Curtains

Basically, lace curtains are used in living rooms, dining areas, kitchens, homes, and offices. Lace curtains are a good choice if you are looking to create a bright life and airy window lace.


Consider this before purchasing lace curtains. If you want to make the room airy and open, light entering lace curtains are good for this.

Types of Curtains Used As General

When we consider decorating the room with curtains, the following curtains are the best choice for general use.

18. Casual Type Curtain

Casual curtains are ideal for incorporating window coverings into your bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.


Casual curtains are used to provide privacy and light avoidance.

19. Modern Type Curtain

These curtains come in different modern designs and are associated with bold colors. Modern curtains have friendly materials. People like to choose these curtains because of their modern look, design, texture, and pattern.


These curtains make a powerful impression. This also gives more privacy and reduces light entering from outside.

20. Rod Pocket Curtains

The rod pocket curtain is stitched from the top of the curtain. They also provide a casual look. Cotton or linen fabric is the best choice for rod pocket curtains.


No hardware is required while hanging rod pocket curtains. They work well with layered window coverings.


In this post, you can get an idea of which type of curtains are perfect for you. Typically, the journey of selecting the right curtains is fantastic. Now you can choose from 20 different curtains, the perfect curtain for your interior.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Sheer curtains are popular nowadays. Usually, sheers are hung in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

Which Type of Fabric Is Best For Curtains?

Linen fabric curtains or rayon are the best fabrics for curtains. They won’t wrinkle and fade easily.

What Is The Biggest Benefit Of Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains can block out all light and noise that comes from the outside.

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