2 Types of Occupation Within the Public Health Sector

If you are looking to start your first job, having finished your formal education, you will be aware that the job market is exceptionally competitive at present. It is expected that most job seekers will have to apply for several open positions before they even secure a job interview. This is because unemployment levels have risen in many Western countries in the last decade and many new positions will have high numbers of applicants. Today, it is common for employers to receive over a hundred applications when advertising a wide range of new positions and this means that they will be more critical when considering your resume and work history. If you are a job seeker who is looking for a sector of work that offers the scope to help others and has a range of career opportunities, then you may have considered working in the public health sector. Jobs in this field are varied and have positions for a wide range of skill and education levels. In addition, there will always be demand for public health services, which means that there is a degree of job security in this sector. This article describes two different professions within public health and some of the key roles and responsibilities in each.

Pest control officer

Pest control officers are typically tasked with visiting commercial and residential properties to rid them of various insect or animal infestations. This type of job is broadly separated into two specific disciplines. Some pest control officers will be required to assess the nature of an infestation and plan suitable remedial actions. The other role is that of the pest control officer who takes direct action to rid the property of infestation. This is achieved by using a range of equipment, such as a commercial fogger, to release insecticides into the location of the infestation to eradicate the source of the infestation without affecting the surrounding area. Protective clothing is vital for this type of role, along with suitable breathing apparatus when dispensing potentially hazardous chemicals. The job of a pest control officer who specializes in eradicating infestations is quite well paid, with an average salary of over $63k per year. It also typically requires only a high school diploma and a pest control license which can make it an ideal profession for job seekers who have not completed higher education at college or university.

Public health nurse

If you like the idea of making a difference in the health and wellbeing of local populations, then you may enjoy the role of a public health nurse. Typically, a nursing degree is required to enter this type of work, but there is potential to undertake a shorter degree course (between one and two years) if you have an existing degree in another field. Public health nurses play a key role in educating the local population about best practices for healthcare and lifestyle choices. They will also play a key role in monitoring patients during treatments and there is also scope for various forms of research in the field of healthcare when senior positions are reached. You can read more here about the varied roles and responsibilities of a public health nurse.