2 Best Ways to Protect Wooden Flooring from Office Chair Wheels Damages

Damage to the flooring (especially, a wooden one) as a result of the constant impact of chair wheels is familiar to all office employees. Day after day, the surface of the floors is subject to significant loads, which leads to the emergence of scratches and chips on the laminate or parquet. Damages not only significantly worsen the appearance of the coating but also contribute to its further destruction during wet cleaning. Thus, how to protect hardwood floors from chair wheels is a burning issue.

A few Comments on the Issue

Office and gaming chairs have long become indispensable interior items of any workspace. Constant “fidgeting” on such a seat on wheels often leads to the fact that the floor covering simply cannot stand a high load and quickly begins to lose its impeccable appearance.

In some cases, even an expensive massive board or elite parquet is not just “scratched” but delaminate and crumble under the influence of constant pressure. When talking about linoleum, it begins to be covered with ugly “waves”. Carper flooring also tends to be damaged by office chair casters.

Why does it Happen?

The reason for this is the design of any wheelchair. Its construction transfers the entire weight of a seated person to the wheels. And, as we know from physics, the smaller the area is, the greater the pressure is. That is why it is important to know how to protect wood floor from chair wheels.

2 Ways to Avoid Wooden Floor Damages

The modern market offers two effective solutions to protect floor from chair wheels.

Lay a Protective Mat

High-quality protective mats laid on the floor under the chair will help to cope with the problem quickly!

Durable protective mats are produced based on monolithic polycarbonate, the material of the latest generation. It is harmless to health and non-toxic as it does not emit chemicals and odors when used. In addition, such products are characterized by high strength and flexibility. Other benefits include:

  • an upper anti-slip layer made of special material;
  • long service life;
  • an affordable price;
  • equipping the substrates with special tires to ensure reliable adhesion to any type of surface;
  • excellent sound absorption;
  • the ability to make the movement of rolling chair wheels smooth and soft, thanks to bedding materials.

This option is perfect for linoleum and laminate. However, it is not the best option to protect carpet from office chair wheels.

Tips to Select the Perfect Mat

If you choose this option to solve the problem, you need to pick the best product.

  1. First of all, you need to decide on its size, shape, color, and material from which it is made. The larger the dimensions of the product, the more reliably the floor will be protected.
  2. You need to choose the mat taking into account the characteristics of the working area, the size of the chair and desk since some office furniture has non-standard dimensions.
  3. A protective mat for a computer chair can be made of different materials, namely polyester, polyvinyl chloride, PET, PCB.
  4. When choosing a protective mat, pay attention to its design. You can buy a piece that matches the color of the wallpaper, textiles, or furniture. Transparent models that are invisible on the floor are the most popular.

Redesign the Chair with Rubber Chair Wheels

There is another affordable solution to the problem. Nowadays, rubber chair casters are offered on the market.

Rubber rollers should be used on hard floors such as:

  • Wooden floors;
  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Laminate;
  • Carpet covering.

Alternatively, they are also called soft wheels because they are characterized by increased softness and elasticity. Thanks to these properties of soft rubber, they do not scratch floor covering and have an anti-slip effect. Rubber Chair casters make movement around the room smooth and safe. Note that it is possible to buy replacement caster wheels and redesign your chair to make it more functional. The redesigning process is not complicated.

To ensure an ergonomic workspace, an office chair is required. However, do not forget to take care of flooring to ensure its long service life and enjoyable work routine.

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