Like almost all children, my children love to draw. But they also ask for my help to remove them an animal, an object, or a person. Thus improve their technique. The problem was no matter how hard I tried, the drawing wasn’t good for me, and they ended up looking at me with an annoying gesture while breathing weirdly.

So, I decided to check out Youtube for simple cool drawing tutorials to teach kids to draw, and I’ve found many videos I want to share with you, just in case you can help you too. Drawing on these kinds of drawing ideas and tricks will be easier and more fun!

The palm of our hands, a great sketch

Of all the videos I will share, our favorite is, without a doubt, for its originality and creativity. And that is, did you think that the palms of our hands can provide a lot of play? See the number of animals we can draw by putting the silhouette of our hand on the paper.

Draw animals with the help of numbers

I shared this great video from the YouTube channel, Ideas in 5 Minutes, where they offer us many tricks for drawing with kids. All the videos are unique and original, though I will personally stick with the first one, where they teach us how to draw different animals using numbers from one to nine.

Masterclasses in simple steps

The Dibu Clases channel helped me in teaching my little tricks and ideas for drawing endless shapes. The result is incredible, but the procedure is straightforward. I leave you with three of the videos on this channel that we like the most:

Children’s strokes to draw a girl

How to draw and color for kids taught us how to draw a lot of figures and color them. Most of these figures have sweet, child-like strokes, which makes it especially easy for children.

About six characters, step by step

PintayCrea is another of our favorite channels to learn to draw, though I recommend it for older kids, as many of the cool drawings easy involve a bit more complexity. But, its drawing tutorials are easy to follow step by step, and the outcome is remarkable.

Here are some of the videos we like best to draw cartoon characters:

How to transform numbers into fun numbers

GokidTv is a YouTube channel with children’s activities, in addition to drawing. Among his multiple videos, I shared the ones we liked the most, which consisted of using a few letters to convert them into all sorts of figures.

Crafts and drawings

On the Youtube channel Cool drawing ideas, you will find endless ideas to make arts with children; some more complicated than others but all very fun and original. There are also some video tutorials to learn how to draw, like these two that we shared with you and teach us how to draw a cow and a dog using their English names.

In Audacity, drawing tools ( Draw Tool ) help you remove waves; therefore, they can convert volume changes to individual patterns or effectively correct noises and noise.



1.   Pictured is the Tools Toolbar with the Draw Tool selected.

  • When the Waveform of the audio channel is magnified near the maximum, the Draw Tool (in the Toolbars, see Understand Audacity toolbar) allows you to adjust the volume level of individual audio samples. The closer the model is to the horizontal line in the center of the audio channel, the lower the sample volume.
  • Draw Tool can eliminate background noise and noise by adjusting the outline of the wave pattern so that one is not too different from the other vertically adjacent to it.


1.    Use the Draw Tool

  • Click above or below the template to move it to an upright position. You can hold the mouse button and drag it up or down to move the pattern to the exact position you want. Dragging left or right moves adjacent templates to the current vertical position of the mouse cursor. Suppose you want to carry only one pattern. It ensures that no other ways are affected, even if you accidentally drag a little left or right.
  • Trace vertical differences in a group of patterns by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Alt (or Alt in Windows). It changes the mouse pointer to a spray bot bottle (or brush in Windows). Position the cursor halfway through the pattern group, then press repeatedly to smooth the group of patterns.
  • Note: Draw Tool only works when using default Waveform views or Waveform (dB) view (selectable in the Audio Track drag and drop menu, see Understand audio channel drag and drop menu in Audacity). It will not work in Spectrogram view mode.


  • Audacity is a free, open-source, platform-independent software specializing in audio recording and editing. Thus, it is a perfect tool for creating digital audio resources through open access, open licenses, and open educational resources.