16 Tips to Immigrate to Australia

There are many reasons to immigrate to Australia. Those of us who have already come to this incredible country know them firsthand. But today we are not going to talk about the wonders of this country and its people to convince you to come.

Today we want to address all those who have already decided to become emigrants and go live and study in Australia. If you are one of them, these 16 tips will be useful to start your adventure and emigrate from Spain to Australia.

Even if you are in a Spanish-speaking country -such as Colombia, Argentina or Mexico, among others-, many of these tips will also help you when it comes to throwing the blanket over your head and launching into the adventure of your life.

1. Choose the right visa

Find out about the visa options to travel to Australia: the student visa and the Work and Holiday visa are the most chosen. Never work with a tourist visa in Australia!

2. What to study

If you need to improve your level of English, sign up for an English course. If you defend yourself with English, enroll in a professional course (VET or TAFE). You can also go to university, although this is a much more expensive option. Go to CatEight.com, and you can search for courses offered by educational institutions across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

3. Choose your ideal city

There is no exact recipe for choosing a city in Australia. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that best suits your tastes and your intentions in Australia.

4. Travel in winter

Landing in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane during the winter is a real luxury: there are fewer tourists, fewer Spanish speakers and many job offers. In addition, when summer arrives you will be ready to enjoy your vacations.

5. Check that your Passport and ID are valid for more than one year

It is very important that before starting to process your Australian visa, you check that these two documents do not expire soon. Here we tell you how you can renew your passport.

6. Start 4 months before

Start the procedures four months before the date you want to travel to Australia. In this way you will prepare your trip without stress and you will be able to get your cheapest plane tickets. As you can see, when migrating to Australia you must take into account many different aspects.

7. Prepare your resume

To work in Australia it is important that you have a 100% Australian resume. If you write it up before going to Australia and print a few copies, you can start distributing it from day one and thus have a better chance of finding a job faster.

8. Pack your bags properly

It is important that, among other things, you do not immigrate to Australia with food in your suitcase. Find out what to pack in your suitcase to clear Australian customs.

9. Before taking your pet

You should read the conditions for bringing animals to Australia. You have it easier than them to immigrate to Australia. It is a long journey with many requirements to meet.

10. If you want to drive in Australia

Make sure to process the International Card in your country before taking the plane.

11. Book a hostel

During your first week in Australia, stay in a hostel to find a room in conditions to your liking and to be able to meet your future flat mates in person. Our COOL staff in Australia has given us the names of the best backpackers in Australia.

12. Organize the trip from the airport to your hostel

Check in advance what is the best transport option to get to the hostel you have booked. You will avoid finding yourself “lost” during your first hours in Australia. 

13. Learn slang

It doesn’t hurt to learn a little Australian slang before the trip.

14. Get Australian dollars

At least two weeks before your flight to Australia, ask your bank for the amount of Australian dollars you want to take with you. If you need to transfer money directly to an Australian account, we’ll tell you how we transfer our money to Australia and how you can open a bank account before you fly to Australia.

15. But don’t carry too much cash

On the plane you can take up to 10,000 Australian dollars without declaring (if you were carrying AUD10,001 you should declare it). However, we recommend that you take about 1,500 euros with you (enough to live for a month) and, when you have an Australian bank account, make a transfer of the rest of your money.

16. Don’t let your nerves get to you

The last days before flying it is normal for you to be nervous. Immigrating to Australia is not something and it is difficult to assimilate, we know it!