16 best basketball conditioning drills for players and coaches:

Basketball training videos and basketball drills are useful to players, coaches and trainers as these drills and videos provide tools and team tactics to play better than the opposing team. Whether you are looking for better practice drills, better tactics and strategies and better defense drills, these basketball training videos have everything you need.  

These basketball instructional videos contains a great variety of basketball drills that are beneficial for the physical improvement of players. Every video is instructed by a Basketball Training professional to help out those who need improvement. So, don’t waste your time in search of best training videos .Our playlist of basketball videos and basketball drills is going to be your best pick.

Basketball conditioning drills:

There are many people out there in our circle who thinks that practicing basketball drills isn’t that necessary but it is not completely true. Practicing basketball drills helps one improving his physical movements, quickness and agility. If you want to take your performance and game to a next level, you need to practice these conditioning drills in addition to your team practices.

These conditioning drills use exceptional tactics and strategies and prepare the players to perform best moves in basketball court. Hence, if you want to be an elite player you need to practice these drills by yourself to supplement your abilities. There are many different types of conditioning drills   that are as follow

  1. Star close out drill
  2. Rapid fire post moves
  3. Continuous 1 on 1 games
  4. Best speed drills
  5. Defensive slide drills – cup slides
  6. 1v1 overlap drills
  7. Dribble suicide drill
  8. Free throw challenge
  9. NBA lane agility drill
  10. Full-court dribble to layup
  11. Baseline cut to basket, layup/ jump shot
  12. Transition and conditioning drills
  13. 10 second fast break drill
  14. Fast break “ pass and replace “ drill
  15. Danny miles ‘ pride drill –defense ,fast break ,& conditioning
  16. Inside out ball handling drill

Best training videos to practice conditioning drills  

Drills that are instructed in these Motion offense basketball training videos are best to enhance your capabilities .You only need to practice what is instructed in the videos and this will prepare you to give your best performance in the field. These drills will teach you a number of methods and techniques to play better and exceptional as compared to your competitors. 

How these videos are helpful?

All these drills will improve particular movements of the player such as Sprint/ free throw challenge will improve free-throw shootings under pressure, NBA lane agility drill will boosts up your quickness, dribble suicide drill will improve the player’s ball handling ability, full-court dribble to layup /jump shot will improve ball handling and scoring skills of a player and baseline cut to basket, catch ,layup/ jump shot will improve back door cut ,scoring and change of pace skills of the player.


All the strategies and techniques taught in these 2-2-1 press basketball training videos enhance the physical abilities, agility and quickness of the player. By practicing these drills, a player is capable of improving his skills and moves used in the game. So have these videos in your hand and train yourself in the best way possible.