15 Best Onion Sites on the Dark Web (2021)

The dark web and the deep web is the hidden part of the internet that is never indexed by the search engines. The dark web is a smaller fragment of the enormous deep web and exists inside the layered proxy networks termed as the darknets (dark networks). The Tor network is by far the largest of all. The native domain of the dark web is not similar to those of the clear web and has an extension of .onion. Thus, the onion links representing the dark web are called the dark web onion links and those representing the deep web are called deep web onion links. All in all, the dark web sites offer immense freedom online.

Since anonymity is the prime motto of the dark web sites, one can take for granted that there are various dangers of the dark web and that you need to protect yourself from them. Malware, criminal activity and most importantly, surveillance are some of the many dark web threats that you may come across even if you are using the best .onion sites. This is the reason you must always use a secure and premium VPN alongside the Tor Browser.

What is Tor browser, you may ask. Well, Tor browser is an encrypted browser that lets you access the dark web sites and deep web websites. The name is derived from the project that had started it – “The Onion Router” as the security of the tor resembles precisely the multiple layers of an onion. However, Tor websites are not publicized and that they are not accessible through the regular browsers and search engines.