15 Unique Rakhi Gifts for 2021! You Don’t Want to Miss it

Raksha Bandhan is on the 22nd of August this year. Gifts, as we know,  play a huge part in celebrating any auspicious occasion. We believe that distance should not come in between you and your sibling. Whether you stay in different cities or different countries, the range of online rakhi gifts has got you covered.

We have compiled below a list of our most beloved online rakhi gifts, which have the best reviews and might help you in choosing a suitable gift for your sibling:

Chocolates: We start our list with something which has been ordered the most for occasions like these. You can select various kinds of chocolates for your sibling and pack them in a special rakhi gift box.

Watches: Here’s to another trustworthy present bought as an online rakhi gift. Gift your brother or sister some of the best watches, from dive watches, dress watches to leather straps, stainless steel bracelets. It was a long year, and who knows if the watch can bring good luck to your beloved sibling in 2021.

Speakers: Perceptive speakers can make great technology gifts for their loved ones, and many are available, which will not break the bank. While rakhi shopping can be a challenge, a smart speaker can make an excellent choice.

Plants: Plants are essential to the environment, good for our health, and beautiful decorative objects. Gifting plants can be a bunch, but it means, above all, wishing good luck and taking care of nature.

Laptop bags: With Raksha Bandhan approaching, there’s still time to find a stylish gift for the tech-obsessed sibling in your life.

Wall hangings: If you have a sibling who is into decorating spaces very much, then wall hangings can be just the gift you need. Wall hangings come in various themes and designs based on current and era-wise pop culture references as well.

Books: If you want to buy something for your reader buff sibling, books can also be a perfect option. You can surprise them with a gift card to buy a book of their choice in the allotted gift card budget.

Organizer bags: A hit among fellow travelers! If your sibling is the traveler kind, then gift him/her a waterproof organizer bag for carrying stuff needed for traveling. This will make your sibling’s life simple, and they will absolutely adore it.

Insulated Coffee Mugs: What feels better than coffee which stays hotter for a longer time? These mugs are durable, light, and come in various designs as well. They are travel-friendly and can be cleaned effortlessly.

Green coffee: Green coffee beans can be just the gift you need. With an elevated antioxidant content and providing a considerable energy boost, green coffee beans offer an entirely different experience altogether.

Led lights: These lights can be used for various purposes. They can double up as decor items as well. These are lightweight and durable and come in multiple colors, designs, and various intensities as well.

Perfume: Perfumes make excellent gifts for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, fragrances are adaptable. You can use them to freshen your skin or clothes, as well as to add fragrance to your bedding.

Bobbleheads: In the last years, they became quite popular as a great idea of a present, there are various designs of bobbleheads which can be gifted.

Coasters: Coasters to keep your glasses have recently gained a lot of popularity. Just like posters, they come in various designs with references and quotes from pop culture as well. These are durable and waterproof in nature.

Shoes: You can never go wrong when it comes to shoes. Be it hills or long boots, they are always a fashionable gift for Rakhi.


For the last two years, amid a pandemic, everything has been gloomy. This is the reason why these festivals should be treated more important now more than ever, as the love of siblings can outgrow any pain and loneliness if faced together as a team.


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