15 Types of Losses You Can Claim for in a Personal Injury Case

When it comes to accidents, they’re all too common, at times. However, you can work on settling your case with another party, provided that you haven’t caused the accident. Nevertheless, most people still aren’t aware of what losses they can claim compensation for, 

Regarding the different losses that you might claim as compensation, here are 15 types of losses you can claim reimbursement for:

1. General Damages

The injuries sustained during a personal injury or accident can be compensated for by the negligent party, provided that the injuries are incurred by someone else’s mistake. However, there are certain cases where people reject offering any settlement whatsoever.

Here’s where a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer comes in. A lawyer of this sort works to ensure you don’t face any issues regarding your case. In addition, a personal injury lawyer helps you attain the amount you truly deserve.

Another thing that you should know is hiring a personal injury lawyer doesn’t cost any money if you have got a strong case. You can ask the lawyer to work on the contingency payment method and pay a certain percentage of the settlement money to the law firm.

2. Loss of Pension

If your employers stop paying towards your pension and start avoiding making any contributions, you should claim for these losses. This can be greatly resourceful since most people rely on payments of pension towards their retirement. Loss of pension is among the most common post-employment issues which shouldn’t be ignored. 

3. Missing Out on a Pleasant Vacation

Losing out on a pleasant vacation is also something you can claim for in losses if you’ve been a part of an accident. For instance, if you’re forced to go on a vacation with a fractured leg after an accident takes place or miss out on vacation completely, you can work to attain some sort of compensation afterward.

4. Compensation for Medical Malpractice

If you suffered any permanent or temporary injury due to the negligence of the doctor, surgeon, or hospital staff, then you’re entitled to get compensated for the medical malpractice. However, you would need a medical malpractice lawyer to prepare a strong case and get you a settlement or compensation for your sufferings. 

5. Losing Out on Salaries

Losing out on salaries calls for the amount you might have earned, provided that an accident or injury did not occur. These losses range from amounts earned over weeks to several months or years.

6. Clothing Damages

If an accident leads to your clothes or accessories getting damaged, for instance, branded jeans from Gucci, you can work on attaining compensation for these losses from your insurance company. You can also seek compensation from the party that has incurred the accident. 

7. Traveling Expenses

If an injury causes you to make several trips that add to your costs, these are some of the major losses you can retrieve reimbursement for. 

8. Loss of Prospects of Marriage

Although the loss of prospects of marriage is somewhat rare considering that marriage is a two-way contract, some accidents might break marriages apart. This is why some individuals are eligible to earn a decent amount of money in order to shift their financial burdens.

9. Losing Out on Housekeeping Help

You can also claim for a personal injury case if and when you’re forced to hire housekeeping help. Since injuries stop people from being able to perform adequately, their housekeeping expenses would add up, leading to the need for higher compensation.

10. Additional Costs for Fuel or Utilities

At times, an accident leads to individuals becoming housebound. This would result in an increase in utility costs, requiring more money to be paid.

11. Medicinal Fees

Medicinal fees to be claimed for as losses can range from different tests to equipment and treatment.

12. Losing Out on Future Earnings

If an accident enables you to miss out on future incentives and or earnings, you should be able to get reimbursed for these losses.

13. Losing Out on Vehicle Usage

If an accident leaves you immobile and leads to you not being able to drive, you would require more money as compensation for a driver. This is why you would deserve a certain amount of compensation for these losses. 

14. Increase in Housing Costs

Some accidents lead to you being unable to use the stairs. In this way, you would require additional costs or adaptations that enable you to live more comfortably. 

15. Losing Out on a Job

If you lose your job due to an accident and are not offered an alternative job within the company, the negligent party can be told to pay you a certain amount of money for losses.


In addition to the losses above, there are several other losses to be claimed for. In order to get reimbursed for these losses, however, hiring a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer could be a very beneficial decision. 

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