15 Real Ways to Make Money from Home with No Investment

It may sound like a dream: Staying home while earning an income.  But it can become reality; there are lots of ways you can make money from your residence, with little or no investment. One, for example, RideAlike is the car sharing service, where you can make money with your car, without leaving your place at all, here app is also available for free download on Google Play and in the Apple App Store. It’s about as easy a source of income as you can get. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has, more than ever, made people consider how they might earn money without having to leave their house or apartment. More normal times may be returning soon, but that doesn’t mean people have stopped thinking about home-based income generation. 

The beauty of the following list is that the ideas we relate require very little to no investment on your part. So take a look at our look at 15 real ways to make money with no investment. Nothing happens overnight, but these are some viable home business ideas for you, which can really make you some bucks. 

15 Ways to Make Money with No Investment

Some of these strategies may require you to start a home-business, while others involve working as a freelancer. Here we go.

  1. Rental Business

Let’s start with renting the things that you already have. From a car to even a room in your house, you likely have possessions you can rent out. One of the easiest and most profitable ones is renting vehicles you already own. 

If you have a car, van, or truck sitting idle in your garage, rent it out through RideAlike. RideAlike is one of the largest Canadian vehicle-sharing marketplaces. You can rent out your vehicle in a trusted community of verified users. 

By renting your vehicle in RideAlike, you can easily earn up to, or even more than $750 a month. You can use the money to build on your savings, or minimize your car operating expenses. Consider creating a profile and list your vehicle on the RideAlike marketplace.

Along the same lines, you can also rent your home or a room when you are on vacation, or away for extended periods. Consider a trusted platform like Airbnb to rent your home. Consider also renting out your garage or basement; it’s easy money. 

  1. Work as a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the fastest growing ways people are converting their skills into income from home. Think about the skill set you already possess – such as teaching a subject, creating things, writing experience, artistic endeavours of all kinds – and offer you services as a freelancer.  You can provide the service from your home and get paid for it. Plus, there’s always the potential of turning your freelance work into a fulltime career, if it really takes off.  Best of all, there is literally no investment on your part – you simply take your existing skills that you enjoy doing, and let them earn for you.

To get started, you can use free websites such as Fiverr, Wix, or, to get a website up and running, and spread the word about your service.  

  1. Take Paid Online Surveys

Taking online surveys are one of the easiest opportunities for you to earn money from home, with no investment. You should be forewarned – answering survey questions and offering opinions of all kinds will not pay much. However, on the positive side, you can start earning right away, and the work requires no experience. There’s also total flexibility; you do the work whenever you choose – weekend, weekday, overnight – whatever suites your schedule. 

Create accounts on the popular sites for taking surveys, such as Swagbucks, Survey Club, InboxDollars, etc. The sites are all easy to navigate, and show you up front what you are earning for your time.

  1. Work as a Social Media Manager

In this age of social media, the demand for competent social media managers is enormous. Looking after a client’s social media includes uploading and scheduling posts and images, writing ads, etc.

If you have designing skills, you can also design and edit your client’s social media pages. You may even be assigned management of their social media ad campaigns – this requires knowledge and skill pertaining to analysis and budgets on the various platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest are the best known social media platforms, but there are others.  If you have knowledge of how they work, or use them regularly yourself, this could be a great work-from-home income earner, with no investment required from you. 

  1. Be a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant offers administrative services, including managing social media profiles, editing blog posts, providing customer service, and other tasks you may be assigned. The best paid VAs have specialized skills in some particular area. 

To get started as a VA, figure out what areas you can be most useful in. Then create your own website for free through Wix or Signing up at sites like Zirtual and Flexjobs will help you find clients. 

  1. Graphic Designer

If you have an eye for design, you can establish yourself as a graphic designer. A typical graphic designer will have experience in Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Find clients by setting up an account on UpWork.  There are also websites looking for designers, of logos, graphics and more, all online.  Take a look at Crowdspring, 99designs, and Designcrowd. Depending on your experience, you can earn $25-$300 per hour in graphic design, right from home.

  1. Work as a Transcriptionist

Put your advance typing skills to work as a transcriptionist, taking clients rough copies and turning them into the finished typed product. It’s flexible – you can do as much transcribing as your schedule allows you.  If you feel you need some additional training or expertise, here are many websites where you can take a course. 

You’ll get all the details on what it takes to get going as a transcriptionist. You can look for work at websites like TranscribeMe, SpeakWrite, and others. Most of these sites will require you to pass a practice test before receiving your first assignments. 

  1. Be a Virtual Receptionist

Virtual receptions do the work of an in-office receptionist – most importantly, they answer calls, and organize web chats for their employer. It just happens remotely.

If you have previous experience of handling the phone, it might be just the thing for you – and it’s virtual – you will be doing it right from home.

  1. Work as a Proofreader

Proofreading written work involves correcting the errors in a text document; it requires solid knowledge and skill with grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  If you have experience in proofreading written work, either your own, or if you have helped others, you will be able find work on sites like Scribe Media, Scribendi, etc. All you need is your computer and an internet connection to become a proofreader, right from home

  1. Be an Online Tutor

The internet has made it possible, and popular to teach your skills and knowledge, from your computer, while at home.  It all depends on you and subject matter you are capable of teaching, as well as how effectively you communicate with others.  Good tutors command excellent rates, as much as $60 per hour.  

  1. Create a YouTube Channel

Popular YouTube channels earn their owners lots of money. While this platform offers unlimited income potential, you have to have something of very good, or even professional quality.  You also have to have a subject or topic that will draw views. It costs absolutely nothing to start your channel. The very best ones do use pro-quality equipment, however, but not that much of it – just some lighting, a good quality microphone, and camera. Believe it or not, an iPad camera is very close to pro quality. Here’s how the money end works:

After reaching 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, you can monetize your channel with ads. You have to apply to YouTube Partner Program for monetization. Also, you can earn money on YouTube with sponsorships and partner programs.

It’s challenging, and it’s competitive.  But there is money to be made, right from your place of residence, with a YouTube channel.

  1. Remote Customer Service

Lots of companies today are partially or even 100% online-based. They therefore have a need for customer service representative who can work from home. They pay competitive hourly rates for experienced CSR.  If this is your background, or you think you can do the job, check out companies like American Express, Apple, AAA, and Hilton.  These and many more use remote customer service representatives.

  1. Work as a Pet Sitter

Pet sitters are in demand, as people begin to become more mobile again, and more frequently head out, for work and other commitments. Pet sitters can earn good money, in return for keeping clients’ critters happy, engaged, and fed.   If you are good with animals, consider work as a pet sitter. 

You can offer day service for owners are way during daytime hours, or overnight services for pet owners who are travelling. There’s even the opportunity of charging an extra fee for walking services.

  1. Home-based Daycare

This home-based job has been around forever.  Childcare services are booming, and you can do it right from home.  This might be a great income earner for you, if you already have children of your own.  Take an extra one or two, and get paid for it.

It will greatly help to have experience and qualifications in childcare to get customers – they will want to know their child is in capable hands. You’ll also need to ensure your home is child-proofed. Be sure to check out whatever regulations may apply to do this kind of work in your municipality.

  1. Become an App or Website Tester

Many websites and app owners will pay people to test their platforms and give their feedback. 

You don’t need any particular skill and experience to become a website or app tester. All you need is a computer and the ability to follow the client’s instructions. Companies like UserFeel and User Testing will pay up to $60 per test. It is relatively easy work and 100% home-based.

Final Words

You can see that there are many opportunities for you to earn money from your home.  Most of them require very little to no investment whatsoever. You are only restricted by your imagination. Think about what skills, products, or services you might be able to offer to your neighbourhood, your city, or the whole world.  Get listed on sites as a service provider, and get paid for it. The opportunities for home-based income are pretty much infinite.